This made me laugh.

In other news, the weekend was pretty interesting. We had the fall ball (think Law School Homecoming Dance) on friday night in the college football hall of fame. It was nice, though not spectacular. The gathering at Carla's was a good time though, and everybody was real dressy. Afterwards, we went to the backer. Not so classy.

Yesterday was spent watching the ND game, doing a bit of costume shopping, and eventually rolling over to a Communist party at Charlie's. The premise was that everyone would wear red and bring hard liquor, which was then turned over to the community. Things went about as you would expect.

Today, homework. My back is still a little tweaked from a couple weeks ago; hopefully that will straighten itself out soon. Classes are pretty much classes, though the screws are tightening down in Civ Pro; we haven't done much in the past couple months but the class was recently kicked into overdrive when our prof carpet-bombed the back row with questions last tuesday. I kind of enjoyed our last legal writing brief (blasphemy!) since we're finally getting to argumentative writing. We have a study group that we've put together that seems to be covering a lot of ground; the 4 of us work well together and it's nice to get a second (or fourth) opinion on things.