This morning one of Pat's buddies who was in town for the weekend was MIA. Pat walked around some to see if he was passed out in someboy's yard or something; eventually we found the kid. He was in jail. So I went to go pick up Pat and we headed down to the county klink. The place looks like a high school, but with smaller windows and more razor wire. We chatted with the cop at the front desk for awhile as other people lined up to pay another officer large amounts of cash, I assume for bail. Our timing was pretty good, he was just getting out as we got there.

Turns out his fellow inmates were all pretty nice guys, most of them picked up for public intoxication or DUI's. They expressed some concern over the guy who said he was bipolar and needed his meds, but for the most part it sounds like it was a relatively pleasant stay. Though he missed breakfast, he got a full night's rest and a pretty good lunch (including pie, apparantly. good food in election years). We then went out for pizza and I dumped the boys off at O'Hara Grace.

Oh, and it turns out that a charge of Public Intoxication in St. Joseph County gets you a night in the big house, $150 bail ($170 if you make a phone call) and a court apparance, presumably for another fine. And you can't make a collect call from prison to a cell phone. Good to know.