I'm still grinding things out, and generally letting most other things (like cooking, doing dishes, etc.) fall by the wayside. A new routine has started to evolve for me: get up, drink lots of coffee, review a bit with breakfast, go to class, then meet with the study group for much of the afternoon, then head home, grab some food, and study over beer and/or tea until midnight or so. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Finals kick off in a week. I've been staying away from canned study guides for the most part, focusing my attention on my notes and condensations from our class discussions and readings and combining going over my condensations with running through old exams from our profs especially, but those from other law schools as well, to get used to the format/speed/tatics/etc. It's a big grind; there's lots of information here, and we have to not only learn the information, but learn how to apply it and play by the rules of the law-school-exam-grading-game.

I'm trying not to get too stressed about things, and I'm doing a reasonable job at it (ug, reasonable = law speek) but I'm still somewhat sick and somewhat stressed. I definately have friends who are very stressed or very sick, so things aren't all bad.

In retrospect, this semester has flown by. Someone mentioned the other day that we're all 1/6 of the way to becoming lawyers. Strange. And it's odd to think that I've been in south bend, in this house, for a semester. Still feels pretty new.

Anyway, back to contracts.