My parents were in town this weekend, along with my aunt and uncle. It was fun; we had a big fish fry with a few of my friends (I think my parents are excited that I have friends). Everybody got into the football game, which was also fun. I went out a bit, but not very much, since I was pretty tired.

Law school is buckling down; I have a landury list of things that I need to do today, in addition to my required reading. Then there's a gathering to watch the election results come in tonight. Go Dems!

I have prayer flags in my backyard now.

I'm trying to stay fresh, but things are starting to wear on me a bit. I still don't think law school lives up to the horror stories, but there's a lot here to learn, and not a whole lot of time to learn it in. I'm working on not burning out, and this weekend definately helped, but some people seem pretty close to the brink. Our first exam is next friday, which seems to usher in the heaping pile of stress that's just around the corner.