Things have been pretty crazy busy lately; lots of time in the library. There's also a cold getting passed around the law school, which I managed to catch. In addition to the growing amounts of reading, my attention has turned to job searching and to test prep, both of which manage to take up the balance of my free time.

Our study group is humming along well; muching up practice exams and allowing everyone to leave with a pretty solid understanding of what we're talking about. It's a nice base for things.

Yay for the election results.

I'm now mohawk-less.

I have been giving myself breaks every now and again, like playing Defcon (think the big board from Dr. Strangelove and thermonuclear war) and kayaking once a week or so. First exam is Friday, which marks the start of the exam set that will play a large role in shaping the next few years of my life. Yippee.