I made it through the torts final (and the evening after); I am now a 1.5L. I feel pretty good about the semester; I'm still happy that I'm in law school and I enjoyed the whole ordeal. We had an ugly sweater party last night ($3 sweater from Salvation army, which wound up at the bar. I also picked up a sportcoat for a whopping $2.50). Good times were had. It's crazy to think that I really don't have anything hanging over my head now. Granted, I have to try and find a job (anybody have lawyer friends in Denver?), but other than that the break should be restful. I'm going to hang out in Mlps/st. paul for a couple days to visit people, and then head home for family functions. After new year's I'm headed south with my parents, and will stop off in Denver on my way back to MN to try to land a job.

To the other 1L's, it's been quite a ride. I've made a lot of amazing friends this semester, and now that exams are no longer an unknown evil I can only imagine that things will get better. Woot.