Oh, and I was apparantly on the news tonight; some filler bit about the recent cold (read: actual winter) weather. I was locking up my bike and pulling off my hat at the time, and glanced over and saw a camera on a tripod. I figured it was a student news dealie; turned out it was the news guys just getting some B reel. So now I'm on a B reel.

Still biking into school, by the way, though I usually drive most other places, aside from to Annie's, Pat's, or Carla's, all of which aren't far from school. My trusty commuter fixie (with full fenders, to keep the muck off) is still doing well, though the black fenders and paint are getting a little grimy from the salt and slush. Makes her look tough though.

Also, locking up my rear wheel with my legs (yay fixie!) and skidding through the snow is a lot of fun. I took a couple laps up and down my alley the other night just to slide around.