South Bend finally looks like winter; we picked up enough snow to make everything white. It's pretty, though the bike ride to school has gotten a little chillier.

Last night our study group got together at my place to go over torts. We were sprawled out around my living room, surrounded by laptops, notes, coffee, and beer, and we eventually ordered some Chinese food and had it delivered. Though we didn't have a menu, we reasoned that most Chinese places had the same fare, and placed our orders. While kicking around law school gossip and torts hypos over take-out, I realized that the scene was, for awhile, exactly what I imagined law school to be like. Giant finals looming on the horizon, smart colleagues, and Chinese take-out.

The Civ Pro final is on Friday, and tomorrow is the last day of class of our 1L fall semester. It'll be such a relief when all of this is behind us.

On a slightly unrelated note, I've been somewhat geeking out about Google Reader lately. It's an RSS reader that reads feeds from various websites which update regularly and displays them all in one interface, saving me from skipping back and forth between blogs, news sites, etc. Now that I have my page setup, it essentially reads like my own customised newspaper. I've included feeds about stuff that I'm interested in, along with some of the comics that I like (Marmaduke explained, Get Fuzzy, Boy on a Stick and Slither). It's my new morning read.