Well, I'm out of the first final. A 3 hour ordeal, it wasn't so bad. Our class was split between our two large classrooms; I was in the less-crowded of the pair, which seemed a lot less stressful. Our first 1/2 hour was all reading, and then we could start writing (or typing, in most cases) the exam. The Student Bar Association provided earplugs, which proved to be pretty helpful, since a room full of clicking keyboards was louder than expected. The exam was complicated, but fair. I feel like I saw most of the issues and explained them clearly. I felt prepared as well; I don't think that a few more days of studying would have helped me at all, which is where I wanted to be. Afterwards, Pat and I went to the student commons and played NCAA football on the x-box and big screen that they keep tucked away in one of the little lounges so we could decompress, then headed over to Annie's for brownies, wine, and catchphrase. Tomorrow, more studying.