Had a good college-ey weekend; went to a good party, had fun at open mic night, sold my body for $20 (plasma), wrote for awhile, stayed up with friends eating pizza and watching Family Guy, went to meetings, played video games, watched movies, cooked, and generally enjoyed myself. Now it's back into another week.

It's odd being at school without having Courtney here; that, combined with the "what am I going to do this summer and where am I going to spend the next three years of my life" issues are putting some stress on things. *sigh* She's landed a new job (and maybe 2) though, so she's keeping busy, and I get to see her in less than a month (woo hoo!).


2 pieces of good news: I got into UCLA and I get to perform some slam poems at an open mic tomorrow. Should be fun.


It's been a really fun weekend, with dead poets society readings and sledding and parties and hanging out and adventures and pancake brunches and all sorts of other assorted nonsense.

I didn't get into Stanford, which is sad since it was one of my top choices, but i guess 5000 applied and 170 got in, so my odds weren't great. I also didn't get cast in the play, so... yeah, that sucked too. Pepperdine accepted me and wants to give me money though, so that makes me feel a little warmer and fuzzier inside.

I've also been making friends with some of the new theatre people, which has been nice as well, and connecting with old friends, so yeah, I guess I can handle things.

Oh, and now with the wonders of the campus network I have all sorts of wonderful new music. Yay.


So I'm back at school, for better or for worse. I have an amazing apartment all to myself (Frank 001 if anyone wants to stop in). It's really good to see all of the school friends again. I've been paddling in the pool a couple times aready and I've been spending some time down at the climbing wall again too.

The tryouts for the spring play are tonight, so that should be fun. I really want a small part that will let me have a good time, get onstage, hang out with people, but not have to kill myself working on it.


I had a really fun weekend this past weekend. Between the sausage party at Tim's and the holiday shindig at Ryan's I was able to see all of the college friends, which was a really good feeling. It was strange thinking that it was the last set of these holiday getherings I'd attend while at SJU. Weird.

I also went to a LARP (live action role playing) game with Fokken, and that was, well, kinda weird. Granted, I'm a D&D player, but in the table-top game it seems like we have a little stronger divide bewtween fantasy and reality, and I think I'll keep that divide there, thank you.

I also got out paddling a couple times, which was good stuff (more details on the other blog).

I'm starting to see why people like cell phones so much too; they're handy little dealies. I'm happy about the no-contract thing though, since it could get expensive quickly.


It's official, I've finally joined the cell phone-equipped. I picked up a no-contract phone from Virgin since Target was literally giving them away. As I really only got it for the purposes of contacting other people and not for them to contact me I probably won't have it turned on very often, but it's there just the same.


Things are still going well back home, Christmas with the family was good and paddling on new year's eve was amazing. New Year's Eve was enjoyable and spent with friends, which is all you could really ask for (aside from spending it with your fiancee, which will happen next year).

I donated plasma today, which went smoothly and put an extra $20 in my pocket. The donation center is on the way from school to the river, which is handy. I'll have to swing by more often. I've also picked up a freelance writing gig which is paying really well, allowing me to start making up for all of the money hemmroging which occured over the New Zealand trip. I also picked up some great teas today, which made me happy.

The rest of the week is pretty mellow, more writing mostly, and then comes the famed sausage party (the last one, boo).