I paddled today, then Hoffman and I had dinner with my dad, and then my parents came to see the play. The show went well, though it was a really small audience, which is tough with a comedy. At one point Erin dropped a spoon, and all I could think was spoon spoon spoon spoon spoon spoon until she picked it up. Strange how that works.

Oh, and things seem to be on the mend. Here's hoping.
Everything is a little different now. Things were terrible, but they're quickly improving, and I cling to the hope that they'll eventually be better than ever.

I'm sorry this is so vague.

To my drinking buddies, confidants, therapists, and friends, thank you all. I've seen/heard/felt/done some pretty amazing things over the past couple days, and I've changed a bit because of them. Anyway, thanks.


The play opens this weekend, so props-mastering has gotten to be just about a full-time job; I was in the shop for over 10 hours on Monday. Once it opens though I'm pretty much out of the woods unless something breaks, so that's something to look forward to.

I also judged what will probably be my last speech meet last night; sub-sections at Fergus Falls. Not many great speakers; most were decidedly mediocre.

Anyway, things are pretty busy at the moment, but on Saturday I get to run down to Hastings for a MN paddle expo, which should be a good time. I can't wait until Saulk Rapids opens up.


I saw 3 robins today. Maybe spring is here.
The CSB/SJU poetry slam is this week; should be a good time, and I encourage everybody to go. It's at the pub, 7pm on Sunday the 19th (this sunday). Things have been busy around here, trying to figure out where I want to go to law school (and what I want to do with the rest of my life), finishing up props for the play (I was making cigars look lit yesterday), and setting up the poetry slam. Oh, and homework. Plenty of homework.


'twas a fun weekend, but an eerie ending to it. The power went out tonight at 9 or 10; stayed off for two or three hours. It was strange, walking around campus without any lights. People were out and about; I ended up heading down to Metten to play a game of Cranium in the semi-dark. Things finally kicked on around 12:30 in the morning. Apparantly St. Ben's and St. Joe were dark too, but St. Cloud had power.

It felt sort of post-apocolyptic on the upper campus; apparantly someone ended up starting a dumpster on fire, and lots of people were just meandering around. Oh, and huge snowflakes; almost like snowballs. Some of them were golf ball sized. Crazy stuff.


Bum Wine.com, for all of you Night Train and Mad Dog 20/20 fans out there. This will definately help me out with my schoolwork.


Went on an Arrested Development binge today. Woo!


Another Amazingly cool video.

I'm back to coldish, dreary MN. Had a good trip back, good visit of UCLA, and I found out that harvard turned me down. Boo.

Anyway, back to homework.


My interview at the law firm the other day went pretty well; hell of a firm though. They handle wrongful death and personal injury cases, and they won't touch anything that will run less than 7 figures. Last year the whole firm and their spouses went to Cabo San Lucas for a week. Yeeks.

I visited USC yesterday and liked the school a lot, though the location is pretty urban. It's definately on my short list.

Courtney also took me out surfing yesterday. The water was pretty cold as I didn't bring a wetsuit, but I got up a few times (if only for a second or two). It was a lot of fun. I'm thinking that this summer I'll probably board surf on the little wave days and paddle surf on the big days. Should be fun.