Ok, I'll play...

1. What bill do you hate paying the most?
gah, all of them

2. Favorite Place to eat a romantic Dinner?
I'm quickly becoming a fan of the Loring Pasta Bar

3. Last time you Puked from Drinking?
freaking Sal's with their $7, all you can drink cover. I guess that was about a month ago.

4. When is the last time you got drunk and woke up in a strange place?
Not sure about this one, actually. And it depends on what you call "strange"...

5. Name of your First Grade Teacher?
mrs. anderson. I think.

6. What do you really want to be doing right now?
what, you mean anything? probably something to do with girls.

7. What did you want to be when you were growing up?
a cowboy. definately a cowboy.

8.How many colleges did you attend before you settled on the one you graduated from?
none; SJU all the way. Though there was quite a bit of shopping to do before I settled on Notre Dame

9. Why did you wear the shirt that you have on right now?
It was the least wrinkley of my dress shirts

10. Gas Prices! First Thought?
I'm glad I'm riding my bike a lot this summer

11. If you could move anywhere and take someone with you, where would you move?
Maybe back to NZ; but I'm not particularly settled on any piece of geography this morning

12. First Thought When the alarm went off this morning?
gah. early.

13. Last thought before Falling asleep last night?
i was thinking about how the rain cooled everything off and that my room was quite comfortable

14. favorite style of Underwear?

15. Favorite style of Underwear for the opposite sex?
er, my mom reads this blog.

16. What Errand/Chore do you despise?
I don't like taking out trash very much

17. If you didnt have to work would you?
I would work 2 or 3 days a week; maybe some freelance or part-time stuff

18. Sex or Sleep?
again. mom reads this. though probably the former

19. Your Favorite Cartoon Character?
the pilot from Tail Spin

20. Favorite non sexual thing to do at night with a girl/boy?
have adventures

21. A secret that you wouldnt mind everyone knowing?
wha? if I wouldn't mind everyone knowing, then it wouldn't very well be a secret, now would it?

22. What was your First Car?
'86 Olds Calais, my faithful companion for about 70,000 miles.

23. Your Best Your Mamma Joke?

24. Your Favorite Lunch Meat?
ham, granting that it's real ham and not the vacum packed variety

25. What do you get everytime you go into a WAWA (7-11 for all of you who aren't hicks --er)?
buy gas, pee, get back onto the huge road trip

26. Beach Or shore?

27. Do you think Marriage is an outdated ritual that was invented by people who died at 20?

28. Who do you Stalk?
I facebook stalk the occasional friend or pseudo friend, just to figure out what makes them tick

29. Favorite Guilty Pleasure?
easily the O.C.

30. Favorite Movie you wouldnt want anyone to find out about?
Stupid question. This is a blog. see above for my secret answer

31. What's your drink?
a caucasian or stout if it's just one, a red beer if it's a few, and whiskey or rum on the rocks if it's a lot

32. Cowboys or Indians?

33. Cops or Robbers?
robber; much more fun. everybody wants to succeed in a heist.

34. Do you cheer for the bad guys?
occasionally, but it depends what sort of bad they are

35. What Hollyood Star do you think resembles you best?
Jake Gyllanhall

34. If you had to pick one cast member of Lost, who would you be?
I haven't the slightest clue

37. What do you want when you are sick?
7Up and bad movies

38. Who from High School would you like to run into?
Jen Hallstead

41. Stifler or Oz?
Oz; I'm the nice guy too

42. Norm or Cliff?
hmmm, norm i guess. I wish I could hang out with the guy.

43. The Cosby Show or the Simpsons?
Simpsons, cosby annoys me

44. Worst Relationship Mistake that you wish you could take back?
I plead the 5th

45. Do you Like the Person who sits directly across from you at work?
I sit across from a wall usually, or from big windows if I camp out in the conference room. So no and yes, respectively

46. If you could get away with it who would you kill?
I think his name is Paul

47. What Famous person would you like to have dinner with?
Kelly McDonald. so hot.

48. What famous Person would you like to sleep with?
se above

49. Have you ever had to use a fire extinguisher for its intended purpose?

50. Last book you read for real?
One-L, the quintessential book on the first year of law school

51. Do you have a teddy bear?
not really

52. Strangest Place you have ever had sex?
again, mom reads the blog

54. How many times a day do you text?

55. at this point in your life would you rather start a new career or relationship?
Looks like it's the career

56. Do you go to church?
not really; I make appearances with the family but that's about it

57. Pencil or Pen?
Pen, and I'm quite particular. I like my fountain pens a lot, but otherwise it should be a direct ink feed like Pilots or some rollerballs.

58. Describe your favorite Day?
wake up with someone amazing, lay around bed for awhile, have a lazy breakfast, go on some sort of adventure in the afternoon full of great conversations, cook a large, impressive dinner, then have a fire and watch the sun set over some large body of water

59. Personal best record for number of times you pleasured yourself in a day?
pleading the 5th again

60. Personal best record for number of times you've had sex in a day?
see above

61. who do u fancy:
see above

62.If you could go back and change one thing thing since New Years what would it be???
oh, that one's pretty clear. the whole finals week debacle

63.If u could be anything...what would u want to be?


It's crazy, when I try to be cryptic the one person who sees right through it is my dad (hi dad.).


So, the homeowner thing has been only part of the whirlwind that's been around me lately. I managed to take two days off of work before I even started to see some really important people and to try and figure out where I'm at in the grand scheme of things. I suppose the most surprising thing is that I think it actually worked.

Anyway, I'm running on about three hours of sleep, so I'll have to remain somewhat cryptic for the time being. Suffice it to say that I've started adding to my Triscut box list of things that make me happy, and it's been quite some time since that's happened.


Our counter-offer to their counter-offer was accepted; I'm now a homeowner. Weird.


I'm back in Minneapolis; I put an offer on a house in South Bend, which felt really bizarre and adult. The drive home was kind of long, but Crafty came over last night and we tried out the outdoor fireplace I built the other day, which, surprisingly enough, worked quite well. Today Zoe and I are headed to Keirsa's grad party, then we all may go out afterwards. Woot.


So yesterday I spent the better part of the morning getting my desktop and laptop networked, but when that finally worked I was able to transfer all sorts of files onto the new laptop. Then I took a bike ride around Dinkytown and eastern Minneapolis to figure out just where everything was at. It was nice; I'm amazed at how close I am to everything. After lunch with a book (one-L, the quintessential 1st year law student novel) I went kayaking on the Vermillion (100 cfs, nothing too crazy) and then when I got back to the house I started to work on the back yard. The back yard of the house, about the size of a large bedroom, looked like a vacant lot, with a crappy fire ring and random debris floating around. I cleaned up the trash, then arranged the leftover bricks and flagstones into an outdoor fireplace, which will hopefully work. After that one of the housemates invited some people over and I was able to meet half a dozen or so pretty cool people. Good times.

Now I'm in South Bend; my parents and I drove here all day, and then in the evening looked at the outsides of a couple of houses before stopping by Fiddler's Hearth for dinner. They had an acoustic open mic night that was amazing; lots of really talented musicians. Tomorrow we house hunt.


I moved into Dinkytown today; the place is pretty nice, and I've got a big room and nice roommates. Fokken came over to help me move in, then we went out for dinner and drinks in Dinkytown. When we were at Loring pasta bar and ordering drinks we commented that I was the indecicive one and he was the picky one; our waitress commented that that must be why we make a good cou... pair. Granted, it was two guys out for a candle-lit dinner at a pseudo-yuppie place in Dinkytown. Later she wandered in while Tom was uttering the phrase "dick shots," and I picked up the tab. Fun stuff.

Anyway, it's good to be moved in; my new laptop came today so I've been playing around with that and trying to get files transferred between my computers. Oh, and I got my car stuck in the mud at home today and Dad had to come home during lunch to pull it out. All in all it's been a full day.


All right, so, as you can probably imagine, quite a bit has been going on in the past few weeks. I guess I'll start with the highlights, as I have a lot of ground to cover.

A week ago Friday, Courtney and I broke up. Things had been on the rocks for awhile, and after a week or so of being somewhere in limbo between being together and breaking apart, we broke it off. It definately wasn't a mutual sort of agreement, at least at first. I was devestated, but eventually came around to see that it may be the best thing for us in the long run, regardless of how things work out. Maybe we'll get back together eventually, but for now, we're apart. Hopefully this better explains some of my other cryptic quotes. Everyone, both friends and family, have been supportive through everything. In dealing with all of this, I realize that when going through something emotional like this I like to have people's understanding, but sympathy really gets me no where (i.e. "this must be really hard.."). I appreciate it, but I really don't know what to do with it. Anyway.

Finals week was pretty rough, but by wednesday or so I kind of had my head wrapped around things. Of course, my plans changed for the summer; I quickly secured a job at a firm in Minneapolis and a place to sublet in Dinkytown for the summer, both of which worked otu extremely well. I'll be moving down there tomorrow in my new car, which my parents and I got from my aunt for a song, it's a 2000 Saturn Wagon; perfect for people and gear and gas mileage.

Then on Wednesday my parents and I are headed to South Bend to look at houses, which should be exciting. I may be a homeowner soon, which seems really bizarre, I suppose because it is.

I graduated from St. John's University today, which was quite the experience. It was crazy to see all of my classmates in one place in our robes, and to see all of the professors file in wearing all of their academic regalia. I graduated magna cum laude with All-College Honors and Distinction in English, all of which was pretty cool. The ceremony was nice, though long, and when I left I was a graduate of St. John's.

It hasn't quite set in yet that it's over, even though I'm all moved out of my apartment and my friends have dispersed. Quite a few of them will either be in the cities or in St. Cloud over the summer, so I'll be able to see them quite a bit. Over the past couple of days things have really started to look up; I've been solidifying bonds with people and I'm looking forward to the days and weeks ahead.


Though it's a little bit tinfoil hat, Loose Change is a pretty interesting look at the conspiracy theory side of 911. I'm not quite sure what I think about it yet.


So I should be able to do a thumbnail sketch of everything that's going on in my life pretty soon, but I can't hande it just yet. I don't think I have my mind wrapped around everything to adaquetly report it. Suffice to say that it's too complicated to fit in a pop song or a blog post. The scheduling details, the paper final result I suppose, is that I'll graduate in a week, look at (and probably buy) a house in south bend, then return to MN, sublet a room or an apartment, and work in Minneapolis for the summer, then head to South Bend for law school in the fall. So here we are.


Shane Hawley

Because sometimes the lyrics spill like big secrets always seem to
And here we go again pretending this isn’t about you
But if there is ever a question if I had a muse
Let it be said that I am inspired by everything you do

And in these words pray find the truths
That Santa Claus will never leave you
That hope is real
That if you wanted it hard enough then he would meet you
That parents only lie as a way to show they care
And if you try you’ll be rewarded for the good you do each year

And let’s just make it crystal clear
That when we talk about all of the chances that we miss
They were something we can’t live without but have to anyway
And slowly struggle forward
With a cloud above our heads and the weight of the world on our shoulders

Because maybe things aren’t perfect
Maybe you’re still leaving
Maybe I was stupid and maybe you’re deceiving
But it’s been a long time since I’ve said I love you softly
So close your eyes a little tighter now
This microphone’s exhausting and I rarely get to use it without screaming
Like I rarely see you happy without dreaming
Because we’re living in this world of anymore
Like things aren’t perfect anymore
Like anymore melancholy and we call it quits
Like things aren’t perfect anymore and how quickly we forget
And let’s not go and talk like I’m the greatest ever
Like you’re an angel sent from heaven ‘cause we’re not
I’m a five foot nothing idiot who’s putting on some weight
And you’re an indecisive psych major who’s really fuckin’ hot
And for today, that’s still okay

Because tomorrow may not come
Maybe on earth’s other side tonight aliens eat the sun
And we forever dance this day in a slow spin
Near two years from the beginning and twenty minutes from the end
Because this is how I want to go out
No one chanting along no one looking to shout
Because if this is the end then it’s muted in smoky rooms
With the gentle hiss of PA speakers overpowering doom
And I will cling to childish hope
That if no one ever hears it
It isn’t real
That love is often better than appearances

Because sometimes the lyrics spill like milk across the table
But don’t cry
Just pretend that no one notices
We’ll be able to make it through blindfolded
Feeling for the future
Stumbling towards yesterday’s memories
And if you were happier now
I’d try to take you with me
To that place that I’ve created deep inside my psyche
Where reality melts down into multicolored fantasies
And we easily recussitate the everyday life casualities
Like you and me
In the face of practiciality
And the fact that neither one of us knows just where we might be a year or two from now
I hear you laughing
In a future I’m pretty sure I’ll never get to see

So for today
I will whisper you well wishes
Tell you sweetly we were worth it after all
Hope that one day somehow this makes sense
And blow you kisses as the fact that I still love you
Softly echoes off these walls


Things are happening way to freaking fast right now. I really can't manage anything coherant. I'll try and get back to this when I have something meaningful to say.