Had a good weekend; hung out with some fun people and got quite a bit of packing done. Stayed cool for the most part (today is the 9th consecutive day over 90 degrees. yeeks). I'll see quite a few people at Tim's wedding, but other than that, I'm doing a lot of "wow, I'll see you.... sometime." Scary stuff.

I'm getting anxious to get to South Bend and get set up. I feel like these next few days of work are going to feel long.

My fleet of bikes has now been reduced to 3, all of which are traveling with me to South Bend. All told, I've built up six bikes, kept two, and made $100. Cool.

After Courtney headed home we've been friends for the most part, staying in contact and chatting online or email every few days. Today she told me that she can't talk to me for awhile until she can properly think of me as a friend. I understand, but it's tough. Hopefully we can eventually be friends again.


The bike I built up for Crafty. Pretty lugwork, if I do say so myself.

My Raleigh Pursuit fixie. With spinny pig valve cover.

The 'haw, up.



The new 'hawk, in the "downish" position.

jake's mohawk 7-28-06

jake's mohawk 2 7-28-06


Sparrow Aviation Administration Blames Collision On Failure To Detect Pane Of Glass

I was amused.
Bike building is going well; I've got a couple hours left on Craft's bike, and then it's time to start painting up my new frame. Had a pretty sucessful salvage run last night, though I'm going to have to offload a ton of crappy wheels and frames when I'm done with all of this.

I'm still trying to figure out what to do this weekend; there is a freestyle competition going on at Wausau, but I may just stick around the cities, visit people, and pack. I'm going to a Spencer concert early tomorrow evening, so I wouldn't want to go to Wausau until Saturday; we'll see how carpools work out.

Oh, and I have a mohawk now. Yay.


This is a massive QT video of a sony commercial. It rocks my world.
Went to the Poetry Idol slam last night. It was my last slam in MN for a long while, which made it a little bittersweet. I didn’t score high enough in the 2nd round to make it to the 3rd, which made me sad. Then Ryan K was the first poet in the last round. He took the stage and asked if I had made it or not. When he learned I hadn’t, he stepped down and allowed me to take his place so I could slam one of my own poems (the previous rounds had been bad poetry and a cover, respectively) in my last slam.

Thanks Ryan.

I was surprised at how sad I was when I was saying goodbye to all of the slam people; after a few months of being around them once a week I really felt like I belonged. When I first started slamming in the cities I felt like I was the outsider; just in awe of all of these poets. At the end I felt like one of them. I’ll miss you guys.

I rode home on my Pursuit (now a fixie) and went back to building bikes. I’ve got two for sale at the moment, a Vintage Schwinn Cruiser and a C.Itoh single speed road bike. Hopefully they’ll both sell soon. I’ve finished painting Craft’s creation; I’ll try to get photos up sometime soon. She’s pretty. Now I’m just moseying through the afternoon and waiting to head home and start building up the freshly painted frame.


This scares me a lot.

In other news, it's been more bike building and fixing. Almost got hit by a hailstorm on my way back from work yesterday. Then Craft and I were walking my Raleigh to the bike shop to pick up my Klein so we could both ride back, and I rolled over a thumbtack. When I patched the tire in the public bikeshop it goo-ed off the rim, allowing the 100psi tube to sneak out, then explode. It was real loud.

I'm painting and building like mad now; I'd like to sell off a couple bikes to finance this addiction, and I'm building up a bike for Craft. Got to hurry though, as I leave the cities next Tues.


I have one less bike and one more messenger bag. Good trade.

The weekend was a lot of fun; the boys went up to Lahti's cabin for Tim's pseudo-bachelor party (pseudo = no strippers). A good time was had by all.

Now I'm back to fiddling with bikes; a trip to One-On-One for a tool and lunch found me spending $50 on soup and bike parts. Yay for addictions.


I have 6 bikes now, though hopefully they'll be pared down considerabaly next week.

1. My Klein aluminum mountain bike. They make some of the best frames on the planet. I like this bike a lot.

2. Raleigh Pursuit; vinatage road bike setup as a single speed at the moment, but will soon be converted to a fixie. Gold/black paint scheme; really pretty.

3. Gitane fixie; the one I just finished. I'm working on selling this one, as it's a blast to ride but it's way to big for me. It's like getting on a horse.

4. Schwinn Cruiser. Just picked this one up last night (free, woo!) and built it up. Still needs pedals, but other than that she's finished. She'll be my lousy weather commuter in south bend.

5. Ross Flat Bar Road Bike. My first project, which will hopefully be sold tonight to make room in the stables.

6. C.Itoh Road Bike. A tank of a frame made by a subsidary of Bridgestone, this was purchased ($10) mainly for parts. It had really pretty 1/4 fenders, and some of the parts were cannibalized to finish the Schwinn. I'll probably finish stripping the parts and then offload the frame.

Anyway, that's the stable for the moment.


I finished building up another bike last night, a Gitane fixie (fixies are like single speeds but without freewheels; the rear cog is attatched directly to the rear wheel, so whenever the pedals turn, the wheel turns, and vice-versa, makes riding quite a bit different). For about $20 ($15 for a rear cog and $5 for a new tube) I managed to scrounge and fashion myself a beautiful bike.



So Courtney is back in LA; I told her Wednesday night that I had to go to South Bend without her, and she flew out early Friday morning. It was a tough decision but I think things are going to work out for the best; right now the timing just doesn’t work out; it’s too close to my being hurt and too close with having to deal with law school. It was all the tougher since things were going well between us.

In the end, things worked out between us better than I expected. She understandably took it hard on Wednesday night, but on Thursday we got together again to talk things over. She seemed to understand where I was coming from and why I had to take this step on my own. I still think she was incredibly brave for coming out here, and I think that her decision to come to MN gives us a chance at making things work in the future if we both want them to. We’re friends for the time being, but who knows what will happen in the future.

So yeah, off to South Bend solo in about three weeks. It’s pretty scary/exciting, especially with the new house and all (hopefully the pipes will be in it when I move in).

Aside from that, I’ve been tinkering with bikes and trying to stay cool; Fokken and I went to go see A Scanner Darkly last night (pretty good movie, really beautiful, and in a wonderfully air-conditioned theatre), and when we walked outside it felt like walking into a swimming pool. Hopefully the humidity will drop sometime in the near future.


I've made up my mind, for better or for worse.


I've been building up some bikes recently; I just finished a really pretty Raleigh single speed that, when the dust settled, cost me $10. Courtney and I are going to the 30 seconds to mars/the audition show tonight at 1st Ave; should be a good time. Things are going well between us, suprisingly well, actually, but I still have no idea what I want to do about moving to South Bend and everything. *sigh*


So I'll be attending Notre Dame Law this fall (still). I had a big sit-down with the parents and it turns out that their whole financial future was based around the idea that I'll graduate summer of '09; they're both retiring then, etc. etc. As I don't want to screw with their plans too much, I'll still be enrolling.

Oh, and here's me in a dress:


After a short hiatus up at the lake from all of the craziness, the craziness returns in full force. I went to the poetry slam at the Artist’s Quarter on Mon. night. It went pretty well and I got 2nd ($10, woo woo!), then promptly got a flat on my bike at midnight in downtown St. Paul. I fortunately snagged a ride home (thanks Tom!).

Then yesterday I met up with Courtney for the first time since the breakup. Things went surprisingly well, and, though complicated, we seem to have a friendly relationship.

Today I got a call from Notre Dame and found out that they’re offering me an extra $10k/year if I decide to defer for a year, which would put the entire offer only a few thousand dollars per year away from a full ride. It would be an easy choice if it weren’t for the house in South Bend; we haven’t closed yet, so if it falls over or something I’ll probably take a year off. Things being as they are though, I’ve got to occupy the house for things to work out, and taking a year off in South Bend doesn’t sound like much fun. *sigh*

Back into the fray…