Herm, seems I've gotten another bump on xoxo. I'm trying to keep myself from reading the forum, as I'm pretty sure it's not good for me. I think I'll try to focus on caring about people who don't hide behind forum handles for the time being.


Well, I've lived through the first week (and weekend) of law school. Things have been busy, but not too terrible, and I've managed to get a couple days ahead in my reading, so if one afternoon I just crash and do nothing I have a little bit of slack. The message board discussion on xoxo has pretty much quieted down, though I noticed today that someone posted a link to this blog on it. That's fine, I suppose; I read through some other threads on the site and realized that, though it offers some good advice, most of the threads reinforce all of the negative stereotypes about law school students. Most will trash talk any school not in the top 14, and come off as being greedy, elitists who care for little else than landing a high paying job at a big firm.

I like the idea of a national law school forum, but I'm pretty disappointed in the end result.

On the other hand, I've been impressed with the makeup of our 1L class. Granted, it's not particularly diverse by any stretch of the imagination, but on the whole it seems like it's made up of nice, genuine people.

People are already grinding out rumors and measuring themselves against each other though. I wore my hair down on Friday, and apparently word was going around that it was because I had a meeting with the dean. Not true, by the way. I was also asked how much I'd been studying by a classmate; he had heard that some 1L's were studying 10 or 12 hours a day (I've been putting in about 4-5hrs/day). I told him not to lose too much sleep about it.

Anyway, back to contracts...


My hair has now become an issue of national discussion.

Apparantly a 2L or 3L at ND put up a post on a national college/grad/law message board 2 days ago, telling me to cut my hair and that he wanted to punch me in the face. Then 140-some other people chimed in, including myself.


The next survivor will be grouped by race, which should be interesting.
Today was a pretty good day; I understood the lion's share of my readings and I even fixed my plumbing (woo woo!).

I offered up an opinion in class today and got my just desserts; I was instructed to take a set of facts that ran against a defendant and defend him in class on Friday. I'll be fighting, by definition, a losing battle, but I am to demonstrate what all great lawyers should be able to do, which is take a set of facts that seemingly run against their client and turn them in their favor. Should be interesting; I figure that as long as I know the case and make some good arguments without backing down I'll win some points with my Contracts prof. Should be a good time.

Oh, and we got a speech today about the honor code that we're all bound by. Unmarried sex, along with intoxication and cheating, are all violations of the honor code. Awesome.


I met the scary 1L prof. today. In their opening remarks, most profs said that you should be prepared, but that if you are, then everything is going to be fine, generally dispelling the terrible stories of hard-ass 1L profs. Then we ran into one who had no desire in dispelling these stories. I'm paraphrasing a bit here, but he told us that if we weren't prepared then we shouldn't waste his time in coming to class, and that despite what we had been told there are dumb questions and that if you ask them he'll roll his eyes and blow you off. Awesome.

I had 4 classes today and probably another 4-5 hrs of reading, if not more. Law school is a lot of work, but I'm liking it so far. I'd be having a much better day if I hadn't tried to fix our leaky faucet. After 4 hours and 3 trips to the hardware store, it's now equally leaky, though now it's steady instead of intermittant. Christ.


So I've been officially orientated into law school; tomorrow is the first day. The mohawk has gone over well (for the most part), it's made me into somewhat of a minor celebrity. Most people manage to remember my name the first time around.

The class is (relatively) big (200 students). Everybody seems pretty nice though; I haven't met anyone who has immediately struck me as a jerk. Hopefully that doesn't mean that I'm the jerk. I'm pretty sure our schedules will be changing pretty soon, as this past week has been a lot of fun, but it's tough to do well in law school if you're waking up at 1pm.

Law school books are big. And heavy. And expensive.

I've been biking all over, which has been fun.

I think I'm going to like law school.


Things have been going well in South Bend; Robbie and I are both settled in and getting along well; Tim should get in sometime this evening. Last night I oranized a bar meeting for incoming 1Ls who were on the same schedule as Robbie and I; all moved in and with nothing to do. 15% of our class showed up. It was a good time. Tonight we're hosting a BBQ to get better acquainted with our incoming class.

Other than that things have been pretty low key; all of the projects at the house are done, and I've been getting in some paddling, which has been really fun; I love the course here. I guess that's about it for now; we were emailed our first assingment for Torts already. Yay.


Well, I now have internet in the south bend house. Things are pretty well settled in; the place already feels like a home (probably somewhat due to the fact that I've unpacked just about everything I own into it). After about a week's worth of projects I also officially feel like a homeowner. Fortunately, all of the projects and unpacking have been finished, and all I have to do is hang up a few more posters and I'm done. Feels good.

One of the housemates is already here and almost moved in, the other will be showing up in the middle of next week. Seems like a good crew and like it will be a good place to live; now I'm going to go on a bike ride to explore the neighborhood.


Things have been going all right at home, but it's time to get out of here. Tonight I'm headed down to the cities to hang out with the boys, tomorrow Tim gets married (yeeks) and Sunday mom and I drive down to South Bend. Dad is already heading down there tonight with a horse trailer full of furniture and stuff, and the three of us will work on the place until Thursday or so. Then I've got about a week before orientation for law school starts.

So yeah. Off to another adventure.