Text from Crafty: "Dames is bad news."


A bunny eating parsley. Weird, I know, but it made me smile.
Wow. I like this a lot.

It's marmaduke. Explained. Now we just need Family Circus


Ug. Weird.

I was looking through some photos posted by a friend of mine from SJU of an upcoming theatre production. It all looked so foreign; now that they've moved into the new building all of the facilities are different. There are definately some familiar faces in the photos, but I'd say I probably didn't know about half of them. Weird.

I'll probably try and get back on campus when I head home for winter break; hopefully I'll be back there before classes are done at SJU. Otherwise I'll just have to catch up with people who are in the state and around campus. I don't know that it's completely settled in that I'm somewhat of a stranger there, and will be even more so after this year. Odd.
It looks like plans are starting to piece together for fall break; I'm headed out to the Gauley to paddle for the first weekend and see Hoffman, who should be coming out from Baltimore. The Gauley is one of the more classic american whitewater rivers, and it'll be my first introduction to rivers in the southeast, so it should be quite the trip.

Other than that, law school is cruising along. I've settled into a routine of getting to school around 9, hanging out for an hour, class and such during the day, and then heading home after class to do work on my front porch if it's warm out and in my comfey chair if it's cold, then briefing at my kitchen table. The schedule works well for me; I'm usually done with my work by 5:30 or so, which leaves my evenings pretty much free.


Another somewhat interesting weekend; some of the same-old-same-old bar hopping, combined with a come-from-behind win from ND (undeserved? maybe. overrated? quite definately). A couple buddies and I narrowly avoided getting our asses kicked by a bouncer, so that was fun. Everything was sprinkled with dashes of interpersonal drama, inserted by myself and others.

Bake for 72 hours at 500 degrees.

Serve and eat.


Today started out a bit rough, but then brightened up later on. And in a bit I'm headed off to drink scotch, play cards, and probably tell lies. Should be a fun evening.


So ND lost their 3rd game and plunged in the rankings from 2nd to 12th. Bad news; most likely out of the hunt for the national championship. So the game was not quite as fun as last weekend's.

Yesterday was also somewhat dampened by self-induced poisoning from the night before. Yeah. Headaches.

Oh, and Friday night I got to lay down a bunch of cash to get the pipes in my house cleaned out. That was a lot of fun too. Though I did vaucum today, which made me feel oddly productive. Fun stuff.

Argh. This could be one of the dullest blog posts ever.

Er, and then I found $5.


I've been elected to the NLDS Honor Council, which is the committee which convenes to investigate a honor code violation. It's a pretty sweet deal, especially since I don't have to do anything until somebody screws up. Woot.

Another game weekend, which should be fun, though I feel like I'm starting to get the cold that about half of the law school has, so I may be lying somewhat low this weekend. Boo.


So I think I now have a somewhat decent idea of what dying feels like. Last night I had a very vivid dream in which I was shot in the face. The shot flung me around and everything went dark and I could feel myself hit the ground. If real life follows suit, my last thought will be one mainly of surprise, something along the lines of "holy shit Im really dying."

Scary stuff.

Aside from the death thing, things are going well. Busy, but well.


ND football is a pretty big deal.

Yesterday ND trounced Penn State, and I attended my first ND home game. Things started early; Tom, my 1st-cousin-once-removed, was tailgating early and I stopped by for a bloody mary, then it was off to a friend's place for breakfast, and the back to the parking lot to cruise the tailgate parties. The game itself was pretty crazy; the student section was nuts, and it was pretty impressive to see 80,000 people on their feet for the big plays. ND played well, and they were a lot sharper than they were last week. The game could have easily been 41-3, but ND's second-string defense gave up a couple of touchdowns late in the game. Should be a hell of a season though, and people are already talking about the upcoming game against Michigan this coming weekend. Should be a good time.


I feel like I'm settling into the rhythm of law school. It's work, but it's not much more than a regular 9-5 job. As long as I work hard all day my evenings are pretty much free; I managed to get out paddling tonight and will hopefully get down to the east race again tomorrow. The class is starting to move toward cliques, which I suppose is to be expected. So far I've been moving pretty freely between the tribes, but I feel like I do so more than most people do. I like it, anyway.


There's a cardinal outside of my window right now.

Today was supposed to be paddling, but turned into mostly homework. Meh.

This morning, as with most Saturday and Sunday mornings (well, just barely afternoon, today), Robbie and I had our standard debriefing, where we both rehash the events of the night before. The event has become somewhat of a ritual, and I look forward to it quite a bit. Not sure if they'll become somewhat more mundane once we know our classmates a little better, but at the moment there's just about always something new to go over. Fun stuff.

Right. Time for dinner.


Conversation this morning:

"How ya doing Jake?"
"I feel about how I deserve to."