A group of us sat down to watch Children of the Corn last night. Though some periods were somewhat creepy, everything past the cross exploding out of the ground was over the top. The evening degraded into something akin to MST3K. Good times though.


This made me laugh.

In other news, the weekend was pretty interesting. We had the fall ball (think Law School Homecoming Dance) on friday night in the college football hall of fame. It was nice, though not spectacular. The gathering at Carla's was a good time though, and everybody was real dressy. Afterwards, we went to the backer. Not so classy.

Yesterday was spent watching the ND game, doing a bit of costume shopping, and eventually rolling over to a Communist party at Charlie's. The premise was that everyone would wear red and bring hard liquor, which was then turned over to the community. Things went about as you would expect.

Today, homework. My back is still a little tweaked from a couple weeks ago; hopefully that will straighten itself out soon. Classes are pretty much classes, though the screws are tightening down in Civ Pro; we haven't done much in the past couple months but the class was recently kicked into overdrive when our prof carpet-bombed the back row with questions last tuesday. I kind of enjoyed our last legal writing brief (blasphemy!) since we're finally getting to argumentative writing. We have a study group that we've put together that seems to be covering a lot of ground; the 4 of us work well together and it's nice to get a second (or fourth) opinion on things.


It snowed last night, and this morning my world was full of snow and fog. I skidded my fixie down the alley, locking the rear tire up with my legs and sliding through the snow. It was wonderful.

Things have been weird lately. I'm looking for the answers to some really big questions, and I suppose the good news is that I feel like I might be closer to finding them. Gotta let things simmer for a bit though, as I realize more than most that some things can't be taken back, but others can.

We were pumpkin carving at Carla's last night. Good times.


Sometimes you can see the forest if you look through the trees.


Wow. Shane is crazy talented. Listen to "Apology" HERE.
This morning one of Pat's buddies who was in town for the weekend was MIA. Pat walked around some to see if he was passed out in someboy's yard or something; eventually we found the kid. He was in jail. So I went to go pick up Pat and we headed down to the county klink. The place looks like a high school, but with smaller windows and more razor wire. We chatted with the cop at the front desk for awhile as other people lined up to pay another officer large amounts of cash, I assume for bail. Our timing was pretty good, he was just getting out as we got there.

Turns out his fellow inmates were all pretty nice guys, most of them picked up for public intoxication or DUI's. They expressed some concern over the guy who said he was bipolar and needed his meds, but for the most part it sounds like it was a relatively pleasant stay. Though he missed breakfast, he got a full night's rest and a pretty good lunch (including pie, apparantly. good food in election years). We then went out for pizza and I dumped the boys off at O'Hara Grace.

Oh, and it turns out that a charge of Public Intoxication in St. Joseph County gets you a night in the big house, $150 bail ($170 if you make a phone call) and a court apparance, presumably for another fine. And you can't make a collect call from prison to a cell phone. Good to know.


It looks like I've been left without any paddling this weeked, save for maybe the East Race. Bad news bears. Though I may still manage to make it out of town, it looks like all of the paddlers have either bailed or are headed to KY for some class II-II+ stuff; not worth the drive. Merh.


I'm back from West Virginia, bumming around for the majority of the day and getting a bit of homework done. The trip was good; it was nice to get away from south bend for awhile, but now that I'm back for the middle of the week there's not a whole lot to do. I mean, I have plenty of schoolwork to keep me busy, but vacation-wise, most people are home or points abroad for break and won't be back until later in the week. Meh. On the bright side, I'm pumped for the green narrows and other steep creeks next weekend.

A combination of sleeping crammed in a car, on the ground, and being folded up in my little playboat for about 12 hours has left my back spasming like no other. Ouchie. I've been keeping ice on it; hopefully it'll stretch out in time for the east race on Wed.

I've been in a bit of an odd mood lately; introspective, I suppose. I've been trying to make a little better sense out of what's happened in the past year or so and where that's leaving me in the grand scheme of things. Hopefully this break will go further in clearing my head; this past week or so I've had a hell of a time paying attention in class. I feel like I'm still on top of things, but it's taking more conscious effort on my part. Running rivers was good for me; for about 12 hours this past weekend I thought about nothing else but running the river I was on. Hopefully that sort of focus will carry on to law school business.


Thank God break is here. One more class and I'm home free. It's good timing; this past week I feel like I've been fading quite a bit. I'm headed to West Virginia tonight for some paddling, and then I'll be able to lie low, get some work done, and generally loaf around for the week before heading for North Carolina next weekend. Yay for getting out of sout bend.


It's snowing today; I woke up with the grass covered with snow and my room freezing. Hello South Bend. On the bright side, the big cold front brought big waves to Lake Michigan. I'll be hitting the lake right after class, 40 degree temps nonwithstanding.


I had my first flag football game last night with "Res Ipsa This." We played in the fieldhouse which had a full artificial turf field; pretty classy for our lowly co-rec team. We lost anyway, though it was a good time. Then I got somewhat crabby for the remainder of the evening. Things brightened a bit today until I bounced a cheque; no good at all. However, it's a beautiful day, and after hanging out and chatting with some people my mood has taken a turn for the better. Time to drink a beer and read some Crim out on the porch.


This is a cute thing that made me happy.

In other news, I feel like I'm starting to plane out a bit; I'm past the excitement of law school and haven't made it to exam-freak-out yet. I may need to make myself freak out a bit more, which happened a little when talking about exams this morning. Yeesh. Back to homework.