I'm still grinding things out, and generally letting most other things (like cooking, doing dishes, etc.) fall by the wayside. A new routine has started to evolve for me: get up, drink lots of coffee, review a bit with breakfast, go to class, then meet with the study group for much of the afternoon, then head home, grab some food, and study over beer and/or tea until midnight or so. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Finals kick off in a week. I've been staying away from canned study guides for the most part, focusing my attention on my notes and condensations from our class discussions and readings and combining going over my condensations with running through old exams from our profs especially, but those from other law schools as well, to get used to the format/speed/tatics/etc. It's a big grind; there's lots of information here, and we have to not only learn the information, but learn how to apply it and play by the rules of the law-school-exam-grading-game.

I'm trying not to get too stressed about things, and I'm doing a reasonable job at it (ug, reasonable = law speek) but I'm still somewhat sick and somewhat stressed. I definately have friends who are very stressed or very sick, so things aren't all bad.

In retrospect, this semester has flown by. Someone mentioned the other day that we're all 1/6 of the way to becoming lawyers. Strange. And it's odd to think that I've been in south bend, in this house, for a semester. Still feels pretty new.

Anyway, back to contracts.


After seeing the paper chase the other day, a few of us hatched a plan. The plan was to study. At the lake. Since we're done with legal writing, we didn't have class this afternoon. After crim, we headed for New Buffalo, on Beautiful Lake Michigan. We studied torts on the way there, then got to the beach and set up chairs on the shore. In 60 degree weather we read, edited legal memos, and discussed contracts hypotheticals. Then on the way home we had a comprehensive reveiew on crim law.

It's going to snow in a couple days. The trip was amazing.

Right. Now back to studying.


Ug. Crunch time is here. Thanksgiving was nice; dinner at Dave's was a lot of fun (got to hang out with some fun Israilis. doesn't happen every day). We have our legal writing final in the works, which, while not terrible, is a lot of work. I've finished reading and briefing for the semester, and I've drafted both memos, so I'm on the ball, but it's a lot of work. And now I have to work on learning all of this. We got a practice exam question back today in torts; I hit a B or B-, not bad, but not stellar by any means.

If you see me walking around, tell me to get back to the library.


I realized yesterday that this is my second thanksgiving in a row (and ever, for that matter) away from my family. Though it looks like it'll be productive (95 page legal writing final, wooo) it is a bit sad. I'll have to make it back for Easter (and xmas, of course). I do get A family thanksgiving though; when Dave found out that I was going to be in the Bend over the break he informed me that I was going to have dinner with his family. Yay for friends!


It's been an interesting week. Busy, and, well, interesting. Thanksgiving will be take-home-final full, and I think I'll have a good time hanging out with the rest of the ex-pats stuck in south bend. It looks like I'll get to boat in 50 degree weather today too.


This is cool


Hopefully one day I can prosecute cases like this.
When I bought my laptop I picked up Dell's super service plan or whatever it's called, and it paid off today. I was getting some battery error messages and within 15 minutes I had chatted with a Dell rep online and a battery is in the mail. Impressive.

In other news, the entire 1L class seems to have the same cold, including me. Yesterday was rough, but now I'm heavily medicated and doing somewhat better. I swear, it's like a sick kindergarten class around here.


Things have been pretty crazy busy lately; lots of time in the library. There's also a cold getting passed around the law school, which I managed to catch. In addition to the growing amounts of reading, my attention has turned to job searching and to test prep, both of which manage to take up the balance of my free time.

Our study group is humming along well; muching up practice exams and allowing everyone to leave with a pretty solid understanding of what we're talking about. It's a nice base for things.

Yay for the election results.

I'm now mohawk-less.

I have been giving myself breaks every now and again, like playing Defcon (think the big board from Dr. Strangelove and thermonuclear war) and kayaking once a week or so. First exam is Friday, which marks the start of the exam set that will play a large role in shaping the next few years of my life. Yippee.


I've found a nice little spot to study in the main library on campus (touchdown jesus). There are some windows in the corners that have desks in front of them; it takes some jockying to get one, but it's worth it, especially since I've been logging a lot of library time lately. Law school has recently gotten busy. And hard.

I'm job shopping in Denver, so if you've got an opening for a law clerk, let me know.


My parents were in town this weekend, along with my aunt and uncle. It was fun; we had a big fish fry with a few of my friends (I think my parents are excited that I have friends). Everybody got into the football game, which was also fun. I went out a bit, but not very much, since I was pretty tired.

Law school is buckling down; I have a landury list of things that I need to do today, in addition to my required reading. Then there's a gathering to watch the election results come in tonight. Go Dems!

I have prayer flags in my backyard now.

I'm trying to stay fresh, but things are starting to wear on me a bit. I still don't think law school lives up to the horror stories, but there's a lot here to learn, and not a whole lot of time to learn it in. I'm working on not burning out, and this weekend definately helped, but some people seem pretty close to the brink. Our first exam is next friday, which seems to usher in the heaping pile of stress that's just around the corner.


If I die, somebody strap ice skates to my feet. Our flag football team won its first game last night.

In other news, Halloween was fun; I had sushi for the first time and dressed up as a dead Steve Irwin for the duration of the evening. A laugh, followed by "too soon," was the standard response.