The Bend has been treating me pretty well thus far. The other day was filled with shopping for books and groceries ($420 and $140, respectively) and scoring a sweet deal at the salvation army. Some guy with the initials JVG donated some custom-tailored shirts that fit me perfectly. All I have to do is seam-rip the G's out and I have handmade, monnogramed shirts for $2.99 apiece. Woot.

Last night I hosted a surprise dinner party for Annie's birthday. The menu:

Baby back ribs with a citrus/soy glaze
Grilled chicken and pheasant breasts with a bell pepper and roasted garlic sauce
Mashed sweet potatoes with a sage butter
Blanched and sauteed green beans and onions
Curried lentils over rice
...and birthday cake.

I only tried to burn the kitchen down once; i was julianning some peppers and i had a pan of oil heating on the stove which i forgot about, and remembered when it was a column of smoke. Other than that, things went well. The sweet potato recipe is definately a keeper, as is the baby back rib recipe. The sauce for the chicken and pheasant needs some work, though I had to sub in a pinot for white wine in a pinch. Still needs a little more punch though.

I also got a good job lead today from a guy at a small firm, who may be able to use me along with a 2nd firm that he shares an office with. If it worked out, I'd be able to do a smattering of different legal tasks, along with some bike messengering. Read: dream job.