Dispatches from my travels

11:30pm 1/2/07

So my parents and I have made it to Pagosa Springs; we flew to Albuquerque and then drove up through Santa Fe. So far I’ve only seen southern Colorado by moonlight, but so far it’s been beautiful. New Mexico is nice as well, though there’s hardly anything in it, anywhere. My parents bought land in Elk Park, a rich guy hunting preserve which abuts thousands of acres of national forest that has since been turned into a development. The hunting lodge is still here, and landowners can rent it out for periods of time pretty cheaply; that’s where we’re staying now. There’s an (almost) full moon tonight, enough to cast shadows. It’s beautiful.

New Year’s Even went well; though the weather was crappy I made it down to the cities, had tea with Grace before getting kicked out of a coffee shop at 6pm (they were closing) and then went to Britt’s for the new year’s bash. Lots of wine was consumed, and it was a really good time, great to see everyone, etc. Most of us were even in pretty good shape for the first day of ’07 (aside from a select few) and after breakfasting on French Toast I dropped off Marnold at the airport and headed to the Verm for some paddling (Dennis talked me into it) then played video games with Erik for awhile before crashing at Tom’s. A nice way to kick of the year.