I was yelled at while riding in to the law school today. We've been hit with some big-time lake-effect snow lately, and the streets aren't clear yet. It went something like this

Me: *roll up to stop light*
Truckman: Hey man, get that fucking bike off the road, man. You're gonna get killed and nobody's going to feel sorry for your dumb ass.
Me: Erm, I'll be all right. Thanks though.
Truckman: Geez, I'd expect something a little more from a college kid. It's just stupid man. If you want a ride, throw your bike in the back and we'll go.
Me: I appreciate the concern, but I've been doing this for a while now. I'll be fine.
Truckman: Goddamn...

On one hand, I don't like getting yelled at much, but I appreciate the fact that the guy was just concerned with my getting drilled by a car. Once I got onto a different street things were fine, but the roads were still pretty lousy. Fortunately, Jane is built up and ready to go, and I had a fun (and exciting) ride in.