The rest of the Denver trip was great. After my lunch meeting, I fired off a few emails from the house, and then met up with my hosts at a local housing collective where a bunch of wonderful people worked up a meal for Food Not Bombs, a program which distributes salvaged food to the homeless. We handed out groceries and a hot meal in a park downtown, probably feeding 35 people or so. It was a great experience, and eye opening at the same time. Lots of those who we fed looked homeless, but a few didn't. They weren't freeloaders either; everyone who we fed seemed geneuinely thankful.

That night we hung out at the house, drinking both good and bad beer and eating wonderful pizza. It was a great night.

My last day in town, I had a meeting with the ND Denver Alum Coordinator, a SJU alum, and an interview at the Denver DA's office. All went well, though the competition for the DA's office is real tough, with over 250 out of state applicants for 5-10 slots. Due to not paying particular attention to a map, I ended up getting everywhere I needed to be but not until after walking over 9 miles. In dress shoes. There were blisters.

That evening Britt and I hung around the house, I edited my writing sample for the DA's office, and then Joe and Krisana came back and we all headed to a little bar to see Dragon's show. The first band (they just changed there name to paper bird) was wonderful; lead by 3 female vocalists with amazing voices. It was a pretty cool crowd, the likes of which I wouldn't be able to find in south bend. Dragon was quite the entertainer as well. Afterwards, we returned to the (cold) house and made only-slightly-mangled falafle.

And then I headed home. Britt drove me to the bus station, and I flew out of Denver to Minneapolis, hopped in my car, and then drove back to the bend, rolling in around 1am just as I finished the audiobook version of The Hobbit. It was a great trip, and I met some wonderful people who I hope will be longtime friends, making job connections all the while. I couldn't ask for much more.

Oh, and grades are all in. I did pretty well, 3.38, though it puts me close-but-far from the law review cutoff (likely around 3.5). Not sure what I think about that bit, but I'm pretty happy about things overall.

Oh, and here are some photos:

The lodge we stayed in in CO

My parents and their Pagosa Property.

Night shot from the Lodge
Skiing at Wolf Creek Pass

The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gague

Couchsurfing in Denver

Me and the hosts in a pretty terrible photo. Great people. L-R: Britt, Joe, Krisana