Things are going well in Denver; my host(s) are great and the networking has gone well. Yesterday was my first full day in town; I rolled out in the morning, wandered around town a bit, and met up with some alums and talked about the Denver legal market, ND football, and the stock show parade which was going on outside. After changing out of the suit, my hosts and I packed up about 100 burritos and rode around town, handing them out to anyone who was hungry. It was a good way to see the city, and a good way to do some good. Then I treated the hosts to dinner as a thanks for the hospitality, and we headed home for a bottle of wine and some conversation. Today I had a good (but early) breakfast meeting, and am meeting up with some other ND alums for lunch. Things are looking pretty good; hopefully some sort of Denver job will shake out of this whole trip.