Had a pretty interesting weekend; saw Cirque du Soleil's Delirium in Grand Rapids with Annie, Carla, JP, and Pat. It was a cool show; they did some impressive stuff for being a traveling show, and it was different from their other shows (think Cirque doing live music videos). Afterwards, we crashed at Pat's mom's house with plans to return on Saturday.

Saturday dawned with a blizzard though; heavy lake-effect snow blowing all over the place. By the time we had planned to leave, multi-car accidents blocked almost every major road south. It was nice to hole up for the day though; we played pool, Life (lost), Monopoly (won) and watched movies and ate lots of food. It was great.

We made the drive on Sunday, and though the weather was still pretty lousy we only had one near-miss (or near-hit, more literally) and made it home in one piece. After getting some work done, it was super bowl time.

Today I biked to school. It was chilly, -5 degrees (-25 windchill) but my big beefy scarf made it quite bearable; pleasant, even.