I've added a feed along the right hand side of the blog of different things I've stumbled upon that I've enjoyed. It's been a pretty good weekend; I found out yesterday that I got the clerkship in Colorado Springs that I'd been hoping for. It's unpaid, but I may be able to get some money out of ND and through Federal Work Study. I'm pretty excited about it; it should be good experience and I'll be able to see a lot of felony trials. Sounds like they have a pretty good program set up.

We had a pub crawl in Chicago this weekend. It was a good time; I rode in with D. and we crashed at his friend's place. It was good to be in Chicago, but it kind of reinforced the feeling that a bar is a bar is a bar. It was interesting having a conversation with D's friend; he's a bright kid who's just really not doing the kind of work that he loves. Tough stuff.