This was a pretty good week. The weekend wasn't much; we had a brief due yesterday, so I spent much of the weekend working. Annie and I saw Second City on campus, then saw Fast Food Nation, so it was a pretty cultural weekend. The brief went well; we all had to watch moot court arguments yesterday to get us ready for our oral arguments in our legal writing/research class. Should be fun.

Things have finally warmed up around here; I've been able to go on a couple real long bike rides around town (J. and I rode together the other day and almost got clipped by a car; other than that bit it was a very nice ride).

Bowling has been a nice break every thursday; last week I had a crazy game (150-something) and this week it was back to my standard 100-ish. Gotta get some work done now, as I may be able to go paddling this weekend. 60 degree temps down south. Woot.