101 Goals in 1001 Days

To be finished: Feb. 3, 2010


  1. Learn to Snowboard
  2. Travel to Bolivia to see Chris
  3. Write 15 short stories or slam poems
  4. Establish myself in a slam scene
  5. Learn to make bread
  6. Create bike-part art for house
  7. Fly a kite
  8. Move and cut out my unnecessary possessions
  9. Decorate a room in bold, primary colors
  10. Read Freakenomics
  11. Weigh 160
  12. Run a UE expedition
  13. Throw a pot
  14. Sail
  15. Keep half a dozen potted herbs alive at once
  16. Plant a tree
  17. Read all of the Harry Potter books
  18. Make Lasagna
  19. See the Indiana Dunes
  20. Take a cooking class
  21. Go on a multiday hiking trip
  22. Exist in 4 states at once
  23. Study on Lake Michigan
  24. Build another bike
  25. Mountain bike in CO
  26. Eat vegetarian for 2 weeks
  27. Hit a bucket of golf balls
  28. Own over half a dozen bottles of wine at once
  29. Floss every day for 2 weeks
  30. Build a piece of functional furniture
  31. Cycle 50+ miles in a day
  32. Learn 5 new constellations
  33. Buy a piece of art
  34. Plant flowers
  35. Cull wardrobe when moving to CO
  36. Cook 5 courses of new dishes
  37. Order room service


  1. Run OBJ
  2. Run the Green Narrows
  3. Run the Tallulah Gorge
  4. Throw a Pan Am
  5. Run a raft trip with the family
  6. Log every kayak trip (in progress)
  7. Run an overnight kayak trip
  8. Mentor a newer paddler
  9. Establish a core group of paddling partners (in progress)
  10. Run the Animas
  11. Playboat a 5ft+ wave
  12. Run a 20+ foot falls

Academic / Career

  1. Graduate NDLS
  2. Win a moot court competition
  3. Study Advanced Trial Ad.
  4. Study Con Law II
  5. Begin a job I enjoy
  6. Establish a career network (in progress)
  7. Land a 2L summer job that pays well in a city I enjoy
  8. Establish mentor/mentee relationship (in progress)
  9. Use all of my available vacation time
  10. Keep my weekends to myself
  11. Own a good suit
  12. Make Dean’s list
  13. Watch a felony trial from start to finish
  14. Visit a brewery or distillery
  15. Learn to play darts


  1. Sell my house above its purchase price
  2. Start investing in index funds
  3. Save 30% of my earnings once I land a permanent position
  4. Start an adventure fund
  5. Keep a monthly budget (in progress)
  6. Become financially independent
  7. Live debt free
  8. Give change to someone who needs it


  1. Establish a social network in my new cities (in progress)
  2. Go to 10 live concerts (2)
  3. Sit down and write an email once a month to keep in touch with distant friends (in progress)
  4. Be home for Thanksgiving
  5. Learn to weld from Dad
  6. Fish with Dad
  7. Cook with Mom
  8. Home for Christmas every year
  9. Try 30 new wines 13
  10. Get a pet
  11. Know my neighbors
  12. Pay for the next car at a toll booth
  13. Vote
  14. See a triple header at a movie theatre
  15. Feed someone else’s parking meter
  16. Couchsurf
  17. Meet an online friend in person
  18. Register to vote in IN
  19. Meet someone new on a flight
  20. Attend a Silverhawks game
  21. Attend a high school football game
  22. Attend a wine tasting
  23. Subscribe to The New Yorker
  24. Host a dinner party in semi-formal dress
  25. Host a barbecue
  26. Attend 5 plays
  27. Host a board game party
  28. Go to an art gallery
  29. Create a new 101 list