And interesting discussion on law and eyebrow rings.

The weekend was good, but pretty low-key. Went to watch the Bengal Bouts on saturday night with the boys (largest amatur boxing tourney in the world; proceeds go to a mission in Bengledesh). I don't think I'll ever be a boxer.

On the way home we probably saved a life. This kid staggered across the street in front of us, into a grassy area, and then faceplanted in the snow. It looked like he may have come out of a van. We all looked at each other and said "huh... that kid may not be ok." I chased after the van to try and get plates, since I wasn't sure if the kid had gotten stabbed or what. The van turned around at the next intersection and came back and asked if he was ok and if we needed any help. So apparantly they weren't the bad guys. We waved them off, and then attended to the kid. He was in a dress shirt and dress pants, no jacket, no nothing, and he was soaked from falling in the snow. We tried to figure out where he lived and talk him into going somewhere warm, but he was drunk to the point of blathering. A couple of us went to get the car, while three of us stayed with the kid. He liked J. a lot, thought J2 was a natzi for some reason, and generally ignored me. The car was fetched and we got him over to it, but he was still being somewhat surly and yelling occasionally, and seemed to want the five of us to go to his house be he was going to stay outside in the cold. That wasn't gonna work. Finally P and I called campus security, and a cruiser rolled up while we were on the phone. Turns out the cops were already looking for him; he had been called in already (likely by the van people). We eventually loaded him up with the cops and went on our way.

The kid almost pulled a gipper.

Yesterday Annie and I went out to brunch and then saw ND Theatre's production of The Mousetrap. The set was amazing; a nicely proportioned guest house sitting room recreated on stage. The show was good but not great; since it was a british play everyone was working with dialects, which was pretty hit or miss. Enjoyable day though.

P and I have been cooking away at our appellate brief, which is due on friday. The beast is 70% or so of our grade, so it's a bit of a big deal. Feels like it's in pretty good shape though. We have a meeting with our prof. tomorrow; hopefully she'll agree.

Classes are all right; the Property drama has somewhat slowed down. Contracts is a bit dry, but civ pro and con law are both moving along. Break will be welcome though.