Hell of a property class today. We're dealing with landlord/tenant law, and today we had a mock town council meeting regarding whether or not our fictional town should adopt an amendment that prohibited "shacking up," or unmarried cohabiting tenants. It turned into a melee, most of it regarding homosexual couples. A surprising number of people spoke against the proposal of an amendment which would allow landlords to discriminate based essentially on familial status. Then things got interesting, one student said (and I'm paraphrasing a bit) that "some non-stupid, non-southern people think that promiscuity is morally wrong, not in a joking way (as up to this point some comments had been pretty lighthearted [ed]) and if we don't allow people to exercise their consciences then..." and finished with something to the effect of "the whole house of cards will come down." Then another kid, one who usually doesn't speak up, came right back at her and said that homosexual promiscuity is a myth and that people like her perpetuate it and that they're essentially ignorant. Then things got heated. A few more comments were batted around, but things got back to her and she jumped into this lecture about the french revolution and how whenever we undertake social change we should do it slowly because there may be unintended consequences, so we essentially shouldn't jump around creating new protected classes. His response? "Bigotry has always painted with a broad brush." It was amazing. The facilitator let that one go by, and tried to lighten things up a bit more. All in all, it was definitely my favorite law school class thus far. I wish every day could end in a heated debate.

In other news, today was the last day of class this week. our briefs are due on Friday, but my classes for thurs. and fri. have been cancelled. Woo hoo!