Things have been going well here; the judges are all really laid back, and I've been getting some interesting projects. I get to start researching some of the Gitmo detainment issues today, and I just finished an opinion on a breach of contract motion. I've been sitting in on some trials and such too; there was an interesting first degree assault trial last week, and a preliminary hearing on a cop killer case yesterday.

I've been kayaking a lot, almost half the time I'm here the past couple weeks, but I think that may taper off somewhat soon (well, at least no more 4 day weekends). I've started grinding away on my law review note, so hopefully that'll go well. I went out with a few of the fellow clerks for drinks and a pub quiz last night; it's a good group of people.


Well, I’ve made it to the Springs. The drive down with Mom was long, but not too terrible (aside from Nebraskula, which was a monster, but it was tempered somewhat by Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, of which I have the entirety on audiobook, which runs about 25 hours long). The apartment is great; I share it with C. and his girlfriend E.; it’s on the ground floor of a big Victorian mansion and my room is about the size of the living room in my house. After settling in on Wednesday, hanging out with Mom’s friend and his family and generally getting a feel for the place, I took off on Thursday to kayaking in Buena Vista, check out the paddling blog for the full story of the weekend and some photos.

I had my first day of work today, which was really great. There are a dozen other students in our program, and everybody who we’re working for is really laid-back, giving out breaks and time off without a second thought. As the head of the program put it, they realize that our 1L years have been tough, and don’t want us to stress out about anything. We’re encouraged to watch trials a lot, and have been encouraged to check out all types of trials and hearings, from capital murder cases to divorces. We have a home-base room for all of the interns to hang out in, a BBQ on Thursday, and the whole shebang is about a 10 minute bike ride from my apartment. Should be a good summer.


I just got out of a trainwreck of a property exam. The whole class has been a bit of a debacle, so I suppose it's a fitting ending. As one student put it, we had a mad-lib exam. We had a 4 page story, with blanks, and a word bank. To make things even better, many of the words were nearly interchangeable.

And this is our only 4 credit class of the semester. Ug.

At least the rest of them are going pretty well. Who knows what will happen with this one.


2 finals down, 2 to go.

On Saturday, D. and I went to a MN alumni gathering at Legends. It was great, we were fed appetizers and free booze (mmmm... scotch and ginger ale with a dash of bitters) and chatted with alums about law and such, and gave advice to a ND undergrad from MN who's headed to law school in the fall.

I'm in the process of getting the house buttoned down and ready for summer, all the while studying for finals. In a few more days it's goodbye Indiana.


Today is the last day of classes in my 1L year. Tomorrow and Thurs are study days, and then we're into finals. Two weeks from now I'll be on my way to Colorado. It's been a quick year.