Another good weekend. The roommate and I headed up to the Poudre drainage with John, a boater I knew from MN who was in the state to visit his brother. We ran the middle and lower narrows and the upper Mishawaka stretch on Saturday, taking out at the Mishawaka Inn, which was hosting some sort of death metal festival. Good times. We had a nice campsite off in the National Forest, and on Sunday we ran the Spencer Heights stretch, which included some real fun IV and V stretches, really fun boating. Sunday we did a couple more laps of the Middle Narrows in the morning, which was a blast, since it had quite a bit more water than it had had on Saturday. Then we rolled back early, and I started pecking away again at my law review comment.

I’m still working on the law review comment, though the end is starting to come somewhat into sight. I’ve been getting quite a bit of boating in lately, which has been nice, and it’ll be nice to be able to get out a little more when this comment is disposed with. This weekend I’ll be headed up to Denver to spend some time with friends, which should be a lot of fun. Boating has been good, but it’ll be nice to do something new for a change.