I woke up in my bed on a Saturday for the first time this past weekend. It was a good day; I rolled out, went to the farmer's market, swung by the bike shop, and fiddled with my fixie until I got everything up and running the way it should.

Yesterday I rode out to the Garden of the Gods to get some mountain biking in. The trail system out there isn't real extensive, but the views are great. I guess there's a better place to ride out east a ways; I may head out there today or tomorrow.

The clerkship has been going well; I've been able to see some good trials and my projects have at least been somewhat interesting. We were invited to sit in on the DA's office's "forensic fridays" presentations, which look interesting. Last friday I got to learn all about how bullets and shell casings are traced back to individual guns. Very CSI.

I fired off a bunch of resumes and cover letters the other day. Hopefully I'll be able to get some interviews in before I head back to school in August.