Had a pretty good weekend. Rode with the Denver critical mass ride, 200 or so riders heading around Denver on bikes. We had a full-on police presence, with 5 or 6 motorcycle cops and a squad car following us around to make sure that we were stopping at every light and coming to a full stop at every stop sign. Then on Saturday there was an alleycat race (bikers going to various checkpoints around the city). I had hardcore bike lust.

We had a going-away BBQ for C. on Saturday, and then yesterday I cooked up the menu below. We had about 8 people and probably spent $150-$200 just in ingredients, before the wine. I was working with the best of everything; fresh limes, sashami-grade salmon, a $9 vanilla bean. It was one of the top 5 meals I've ever had. The recipies were tasty, I didn't screw anything up, and the ingredients were amazing. To top it off, Tom's neighbors came over and they were into wine, so we had some great wines to go along with everything.

We're gonna have to do something like that again soon.