Things have been pretty busy out here since I've been done with work. Annie was out here for 4 days. We hung out with some of the law clerks, went up to a hot springs in the mountains, had dinner with tom and company, and generally had a good time. The day she flew out Andy flew in, and we headed up to a chain of alpine lakes just at the timberline. We hiked up one day and camped in a beautiful little meadow. The next day we climbed up to the ridge and hit Bushnell Peak and the Twin Sisters. I had a bit of an altitude headache, but it wasn't too terrible. That night one other guy came into camp and fished for the day, snagging some beautiful trout.

The next day we hiked out, and saw 15 hikers all headed up to the lakes. We timed the weather and the crowds perfectly.

The next day we went to a Craft Lager Festival in Manitou and drank beer (er, i mean, "carbo loaded") for the day. It was great.

Bright and early the next morning we geared up for Pikes Peak. 13 miles up, gaining 7,400 vertical feet. It wasn't quite as bad as we expected since the trail was really good the whole way, but it was more vertical feet than either Andy or I had gained in a day, and it was further than I'd ever hiked. We did 13 miles in just shy of 5 hours. It was weird getting to the top, since the top was full of people who either drove up or took the train. Sort of a festival atmosphere. We looked around, and then tried to hitch back to our car, not wanting to blow out or knees on the way down. We got a ride from the first truck that passed us, the driver was up training for the race the following weekend. Apparantly the fastest time up the mountain was 2 hours, 1 minute. Marathon pace while gaining over 7,000 feet. Crazy.

Today I'm in Denver; my crim case was just dismissed and I filed my motion to seal. It's hot and beautiful here in Colorado, and I head back to MN on Tuesday. I'll be back though.