2 nights ago I was hanging out in my brightly colored hotel room in a leapord print bathrobe. It was pretty amazing. Then yesterday morning I wandered around DC, dumped off my bags at the firm, and headed over to the Air and Space Museum. It was impressive; though lots of their collection had been transferred to their new location at Dulles, there was still some great stuff there, like Buzz Aldrin's space suit and the like, and almost everything was original.

The interview at the firm went well; we'll see if I get an offer within the next couple of weeks. Then it was back to Regan to grab some food (paid for by the firm, of course) and catch my flight. I read a lot of the last Harry Potter; fortunately I fly out tomorrow and I'll be able to finish the rest on the way to Denver. We were held in a holding pattern over O'Hare for a long time, so I had to sprint through 3 terminals to catch my connection to the Bend, otherwise I would have been staying the night in Chicago. I made it though, but only because I was at a dead sprint. I need to run more.