I made it home for thanksgiving last weekend, which was fun. I got to see some friends, and take part in the big Family Turkey Day Extravaganza. Even made some money playing cards against the relatives. I took the train in and out of Chicago, which was nice.

I got out kayaking yesterday, when it was way cold. It snowed again last night, and it squarely feels like winter now. The semester is starting to wrap up a little bit, and everyone is looking toward finals. I'm happy enough to be heading toward the end of the semester; I feel like my afternoons have hit a little too much of a routine. Though my evenings are somewhat varied, I feel like just about every afternoon runs through the same motions.

Anyway, I've registered for classes for next semester. It's a pretty touchey-feeley, constitutional/civil rights semester, with Constitutional Criminal Procedure, Human Rights Practice, my journal, Constitutional Law II (Civil Rights), and 1st Amendment (Freedom of Religion). Should be fun.