I made the paper.

It's an opinion article in response to a kid's opinion article in which he got all bent out of shape about a comic that made light of the eucharist.

In other news, the 1L class is all up in arms about TA's grading assingments. There are petitions flying around, letters being drafted, meetings being pulled together. After the petition landed yesterday I was miffed since it seemed like an extreme measure considering the fact the class has never met to discuss the issue. So I started writing emails. Got ourselves a forum at least, so I guess that's one win for the good guys. Meanwhile, the 1L's garner a (only somewhat deserved) reputation as being whiners. *sigh*


This was a pretty good week. The weekend wasn't much; we had a brief due yesterday, so I spent much of the weekend working. Annie and I saw Second City on campus, then saw Fast Food Nation, so it was a pretty cultural weekend. The brief went well; we all had to watch moot court arguments yesterday to get us ready for our oral arguments in our legal writing/research class. Should be fun.

Things have finally warmed up around here; I've been able to go on a couple real long bike rides around town (J. and I rode together the other day and almost got clipped by a car; other than that bit it was a very nice ride).

Bowling has been a nice break every thursday; last week I had a crazy game (150-something) and this week it was back to my standard 100-ish. Gotta get some work done now, as I may be able to go paddling this weekend. 60 degree temps down south. Woot.


Annie and I. As Spies.

Valentine's Day was a lot of fun, Annie and I went sledding in St. Pat's park. There was a tubing hill there that was run by the city, but we weren't real excited about fighting off a bunch of kids in order to go sledding. So we tromped about in the woods, following a x-country ski trail, trying to find something suitable. The first steep hills we found plunged directly into the river... not so idea. But we walked a little further and found a great (though sort of kamakazie) hill. We sledded for quite a while, had a bit of a snowball fight, I tried to snap off my arm by hitting a tree, and eventually we headed back, cleaned up, and went out to a very nice dinner at the old Studebaker mansion. Quite the pleasant evening.


I've added a feed along the right hand side of the blog of different things I've stumbled upon that I've enjoyed. It's been a pretty good weekend; I found out yesterday that I got the clerkship in Colorado Springs that I'd been hoping for. It's unpaid, but I may be able to get some money out of ND and through Federal Work Study. I'm pretty excited about it; it should be good experience and I'll be able to see a lot of felony trials. Sounds like they have a pretty good program set up.

We had a pub crawl in Chicago this weekend. It was a good time; I rode in with D. and we crashed at his friend's place. It was good to be in Chicago, but it kind of reinforced the feeling that a bar is a bar is a bar. It was interesting having a conversation with D's friend; he's a bright kid who's just really not doing the kind of work that he loves. Tough stuff.


I got a job offer today, and had a pretty solid interview. It looks like one way or another I'll be in Colorado for the summer, though I likely won't be getting paid much unless something else comes up in the next couple days. On the bright side, it looks like there may be some contract work to be done to help supplement the bills.


Had a pretty interesting weekend; saw Cirque du Soleil's Delirium in Grand Rapids with Annie, Carla, JP, and Pat. It was a cool show; they did some impressive stuff for being a traveling show, and it was different from their other shows (think Cirque doing live music videos). Afterwards, we crashed at Pat's mom's house with plans to return on Saturday.

Saturday dawned with a blizzard though; heavy lake-effect snow blowing all over the place. By the time we had planned to leave, multi-car accidents blocked almost every major road south. It was nice to hole up for the day though; we played pool, Life (lost), Monopoly (won) and watched movies and ate lots of food. It was great.

We made the drive on Sunday, and though the weather was still pretty lousy we only had one near-miss (or near-hit, more literally) and made it home in one piece. After getting some work done, it was super bowl time.

Today I biked to school. It was chilly, -5 degrees (-25 windchill) but my big beefy scarf made it quite bearable; pleasant, even.