Got a flat tire on the commuter bike today, which put it out of service for a bit.As I was patching it, I checked the bearings and such in the rear wheel and found them holding up quite nicely; I was pretty happy; the build that I had cobbled together out of scrap parts this past summer, then rode every day through rain/snow/salt/etc. had held up. Woot.

Bah; We got a couple nice days in the bender, and now it's back to gloomy spring. On the bright side, when it's nice our neighbors' kids are hanging about the neighborhood; the couple across the street has a family of 5 boys.


101 Goals in 1001 Days

To be finished: Feb. 3, 2010


  1. Learn to Snowboard
  2. Travel to Bolivia to see Chris
  3. Write 15 short stories or slam poems
  4. Establish myself in a slam scene
  5. Learn to make bread
  6. Create bike-part art for house
  7. Fly a kite
  8. Move and cut out my unnecessary possessions
  9. Decorate a room in bold, primary colors
  10. Read Freakenomics
  11. Weigh 160
  12. Run a UE expedition
  13. Throw a pot
  14. Sail
  15. Keep half a dozen potted herbs alive at once
  16. Plant a tree
  17. Read all of the Harry Potter books
  18. Make Lasagna
  19. See the Indiana Dunes
  20. Take a cooking class
  21. Go on a multiday hiking trip
  22. Exist in 4 states at once
  23. Study on Lake Michigan
  24. Build another bike
  25. Mountain bike in CO
  26. Eat vegetarian for 2 weeks
  27. Hit a bucket of golf balls
  28. Own over half a dozen bottles of wine at once
  29. Floss every day for 2 weeks
  30. Build a piece of functional furniture
  31. Cycle 50+ miles in a day
  32. Learn 5 new constellations
  33. Buy a piece of art
  34. Plant flowers
  35. Cull wardrobe when moving to CO
  36. Cook 5 courses of new dishes
  37. Order room service


  1. Run OBJ
  2. Run the Green Narrows
  3. Run the Tallulah Gorge
  4. Throw a Pan Am
  5. Run a raft trip with the family
  6. Log every kayak trip (in progress)
  7. Run an overnight kayak trip
  8. Mentor a newer paddler
  9. Establish a core group of paddling partners (in progress)
  10. Run the Animas
  11. Playboat a 5ft+ wave
  12. Run a 20+ foot falls

Academic / Career

  1. Graduate NDLS
  2. Win a moot court competition
  3. Study Advanced Trial Ad.
  4. Study Con Law II
  5. Begin a job I enjoy
  6. Establish a career network (in progress)
  7. Land a 2L summer job that pays well in a city I enjoy
  8. Establish mentor/mentee relationship (in progress)
  9. Use all of my available vacation time
  10. Keep my weekends to myself
  11. Own a good suit
  12. Make Dean’s list
  13. Watch a felony trial from start to finish
  14. Visit a brewery or distillery
  15. Learn to play darts


  1. Sell my house above its purchase price
  2. Start investing in index funds
  3. Save 30% of my earnings once I land a permanent position
  4. Start an adventure fund
  5. Keep a monthly budget (in progress)
  6. Become financially independent
  7. Live debt free
  8. Give change to someone who needs it


  1. Establish a social network in my new cities (in progress)
  2. Go to 10 live concerts (2)
  3. Sit down and write an email once a month to keep in touch with distant friends (in progress)
  4. Be home for Thanksgiving
  5. Learn to weld from Dad
  6. Fish with Dad
  7. Cook with Mom
  8. Home for Christmas every year
  9. Try 30 new wines 13
  10. Get a pet
  11. Know my neighbors
  12. Pay for the next car at a toll booth
  13. Vote
  14. See a triple header at a movie theatre
  15. Feed someone else’s parking meter
  16. Couchsurf
  17. Meet an online friend in person
  18. Register to vote in IN
  19. Meet someone new on a flight
  20. Attend a Silverhawks game
  21. Attend a high school football game
  22. Attend a wine tasting
  23. Subscribe to The New Yorker
  24. Host a dinner party in semi-formal dress
  25. Host a barbecue
  26. Attend 5 plays
  27. Host a board game party
  28. Go to an art gallery
  29. Create a new 101 list


Chat log:

J: we should fondle him while running a red light and hitting him with water balloons
D: lets do it
Had a really good weekend boating; I'll have a post up on the boating blog sometime soon. Lots of driving, but great paddling.

Erm, what else... P. and I have to give our oral argument on Thursday. It's a mock appellate court, so we'll be arguing in front of a panel of 3 judges who can hit us with questions at any point (and in practice, the whole deal is basically just thinking on your feet). I know I like trial advocacy a lot; hopefully the same will go for appellate advocacy.

As far as classes go, things are starting to tighten down a bit; looks like this is the start of the big run to exams. I'm trying to fill up my house for the summer and next fall; hopefully that will get straightened out in the next few weeks.

The other day when I was driving I saw a kid who was out for a run, and the path that he was on ran into a HUGE puddle (pond) that was maybe 3 or 4 inches deep. I expected him to go around, but he just kept on trucking. It looked a little like he was walking on water. Pretty cool.

Barrister's ball (think law school prom) is this weekend. Fancy fancy!


Well I'm back, and sligltly more tanned, thanks to our trip to Key West. The trip out was a bit long; delayed flights and baggage and all that; we ended up rolling up to our house at about 4:30 on monday morning. That aside, it was a wonderful trip. We hit the beach, had great food and drink (i.e. fresh lobsters off of the docks, grilled salmon, chicken picatta, etc.), saw a drag show, went to the sunset festival, some of us danced on stage (not yours truely), won a bar tab, went snorkeling in a storm, and all sorts of good things. Our house was great; it had a hot tub and a little sun porch that felt like a tree house. It was on a tour of key west, which was interesting; we waved at lots of tour "trains."


Hell of a property class today. We're dealing with landlord/tenant law, and today we had a mock town council meeting regarding whether or not our fictional town should adopt an amendment that prohibited "shacking up," or unmarried cohabiting tenants. It turned into a melee, most of it regarding homosexual couples. A surprising number of people spoke against the proposal of an amendment which would allow landlords to discriminate based essentially on familial status. Then things got interesting, one student said (and I'm paraphrasing a bit) that "some non-stupid, non-southern people think that promiscuity is morally wrong, not in a joking way (as up to this point some comments had been pretty lighthearted [ed]) and if we don't allow people to exercise their consciences then..." and finished with something to the effect of "the whole house of cards will come down." Then another kid, one who usually doesn't speak up, came right back at her and said that homosexual promiscuity is a myth and that people like her perpetuate it and that they're essentially ignorant. Then things got heated. A few more comments were batted around, but things got back to her and she jumped into this lecture about the french revolution and how whenever we undertake social change we should do it slowly because there may be unintended consequences, so we essentially shouldn't jump around creating new protected classes. His response? "Bigotry has always painted with a broad brush." It was amazing. The facilitator let that one go by, and tried to lighten things up a bit more. All in all, it was definitely my favorite law school class thus far. I wish every day could end in a heated debate.

In other news, today was the last day of class this week. our briefs are due on Friday, but my classes for thurs. and fri. have been cancelled. Woo hoo!


Found a nice bottle of wine last night and started one of my stove burners on fire. Exciting night.

Oh, and saw two movies, Jesus Camp (great documentary about the evangelical movement) and The Matador (sucked out loud).


On the heels of the drunk kid post, I should note that I had the Cellar No. 8 Cabernet Sauvignon over the weekend and really liked it. I've been trying to find good, cheap wines that I like, and I picked up this one on a tip from the budget wino and it's a hit. Lots of flavor, and no heavy tannins that seem to plague cheap wines.
And interesting discussion on law and eyebrow rings.

The weekend was good, but pretty low-key. Went to watch the Bengal Bouts on saturday night with the boys (largest amatur boxing tourney in the world; proceeds go to a mission in Bengledesh). I don't think I'll ever be a boxer.

On the way home we probably saved a life. This kid staggered across the street in front of us, into a grassy area, and then faceplanted in the snow. It looked like he may have come out of a van. We all looked at each other and said "huh... that kid may not be ok." I chased after the van to try and get plates, since I wasn't sure if the kid had gotten stabbed or what. The van turned around at the next intersection and came back and asked if he was ok and if we needed any help. So apparantly they weren't the bad guys. We waved them off, and then attended to the kid. He was in a dress shirt and dress pants, no jacket, no nothing, and he was soaked from falling in the snow. We tried to figure out where he lived and talk him into going somewhere warm, but he was drunk to the point of blathering. A couple of us went to get the car, while three of us stayed with the kid. He liked J. a lot, thought J2 was a natzi for some reason, and generally ignored me. The car was fetched and we got him over to it, but he was still being somewhat surly and yelling occasionally, and seemed to want the five of us to go to his house be he was going to stay outside in the cold. That wasn't gonna work. Finally P and I called campus security, and a cruiser rolled up while we were on the phone. Turns out the cops were already looking for him; he had been called in already (likely by the van people). We eventually loaded him up with the cops and went on our way.

The kid almost pulled a gipper.

Yesterday Annie and I went out to brunch and then saw ND Theatre's production of The Mousetrap. The set was amazing; a nicely proportioned guest house sitting room recreated on stage. The show was good but not great; since it was a british play everyone was working with dialects, which was pretty hit or miss. Enjoyable day though.

P and I have been cooking away at our appellate brief, which is due on friday. The beast is 70% or so of our grade, so it's a bit of a big deal. Feels like it's in pretty good shape though. We have a meeting with our prof. tomorrow; hopefully she'll agree.

Classes are all right; the Property drama has somewhat slowed down. Contracts is a bit dry, but civ pro and con law are both moving along. Break will be welcome though.


The forum that we had today was good; it brought out a lot of different points of view about the topic. The end result was that nobody really supports the petition as written 100%, but I think the instigators still plan on passing it around.

It's blizzard-ing agian, but spring break is just a week away. Thank the lord.