Saw Flogging Molly last night at a free show at Legend's. I waited out in the rain for a couple of hours, but it was worth it (and I made some new friends). The show was great, no opener, just Flogging Molly for a monster set, I think they played for over an hour and a half. Legend's is a pretty small venue, 600 people or so, and it was packed, especially down in the pit. A constant mist floated in front of the stage lights; I assume it was all sweat. Hell of a show though; they played a great set and they're one of the best live bands I've ever seen. There wasn't a real violent pit, but I was in the middle of what was there.

Right. Back to studying.


I went to a law review meeting today. These people can spot an italicized period. Ug.


This made me laugh really hard. Turn up your sound.
I'm going to write a constitution
Registration has moved around a bit, and now I have the schedule I want:

Federal Criminal Practice
Business Associations (req.)
Civil Rights
Moot Ct. Trial



A Polite Letter From the Smithsonian
So I'm registered for classes for next semester. I was in the last group to choose, which wasn't such a good deal. It was tough to get the classes I wanted, especially the required classes, though there's talk of one more getting started to account for the strong need. Here's what I've got:

Civil Rights
Freedom of Speech
Federal Criminal Law
Conflict of Laws
Environmental Law
Moot Court Trial

I'd like to get Business Associations or Jurisprudence (both required) and Evidence (a boon to any of the trial courses) so I'll be watching to see if anyone drops them. I'm all right with what I've got, but it could be a lot better.


Middle School Moment from Con Law:

me *unpacks shit for class*
me *starts to sit down*
he "uh.... i'm actually saving this seat"
me "huh?"
he "i save this seat every day"
me *big eyeroll* erm... fine.
*packs up stuff*


When you're playing the airplane ride game, it turns out that the base can put their feet on either the airplane's chest or hips. FYI.

In other news, Colorado Springs and finals are both on the horizon now. It sounds like the East Race is opening up this coming weekend, so I'll be able to get out on the water for a couple hours before I head to CO. Other than that, the finals anxiety is there a bit, though this time around it feels like everyone just wants 'em to be over.


It's snowing/sleeting/being ugly out. Bleg. I suppose there's a payoff to all of this though; the spring will feel that much sweeter when it arrives. Casey, a kid from KY, mentioned last week when it was warm that he appreciated it a lot more up north than he did in KY. Everything is relative I suppose. And I think it's the hardship that bonds people together, that forms good art and music, that makes people who they are. Food for thought anyway.


Had an amazing weekend of boating; I put up a full trip report on the paddling blog. Took a beating, ran a huge rapid, and had lots of other good lines. Now back to work...


Had a good, somewhat lazy weekend. Barrister's ball (LS Prom) was on friday. It was good, but not much different than I expected. Hanging out with people and getting together beforehand was probably more fun than the pomp and circumstance. Watched The Transporter 2 yesterday, which sucked out loud, and Stranger than Fiction today, which was pretty good. Hung out with Annie a bunch, which was fun as always. Other than that, just tried to get work done, since I won't get much done next weekend (boating in the SE).