For those of you wondering what my favorite part of the aquarium was, it was the octopus.

I'm back at school, which is a little tougher to get myself motivated for. Now that the job search is finished, I have a pretty strong impulse to just mail things in. Every now and then I jab myself and get myself back on track, but I think next year it'll be even worse.

It's now squarely fall, and the trees around campus are exploding into color. It feels like fall outside too, with warm days and cool evenings. Hoffman and I are putting together a sea kayak trip to baja, which should be a good time. The rest of the law school crew is heading to Vegas, but I think sun and sea and camping is much more my speed.


So I'm hanging out in Rainy Atlanta, bumming around with Annie and her family. We saw Lars and the Real Girl yesterday, which I'd recommend to just about anybody. Excellent movie. We had dinner with Annie's grandmother last night at the Horseradish Grill, which was quite tasty. The five of us made pretty quick work of a couple bottles of wine. Otherwise, things have been pretty low-key around here; I think we're headed to the Aquarium tomorrow.


The great job hunt is pretty well over. My phone finally rang yesterday.


Good news, my petition to seal was not challenged by the city, and was automatically granted.

No job yet. Stay tuned.


I helped build a garage for habitat for humanity, played paintball, kayaked, and watched ND win this past weekend. Not too shabby.

No calls on jobs yet though. Should be soon. Hopefully.


Oh yeah, this blog... thing.

The job hunt is getting somewhat stressful; no offers yet, compounded by the fact that some friends have already gotten jobs secured. I should hear from a couple of firms next week. Keep your fingers crossed.

The job hunt has really been the big news, especially since it's been sucking up the most time and energy. The journal stuff isn't so bad; I manage to chew through footnotes pretty quickly. I'm managing to paddle about once a week, and bike every day, both of which tend to keep me sane. Classes range from great to lousy, but fortunately the scale is shifted a little more toward the great end of the spectrum.

C'mon jobs....