Well, I managed to get out of finals alive. Fed Crim was a gift, Fed Tax was a 4 hour slog but was ultimately pretty fair, and white collar crime and environmental law were both pretty much what I had expected. After I packed everything up in South Bend (and exchanged presents with A.; a purse from italy for her, a soft shell, paddling booties, and a mandoline (the kitchen gadget, not the stringed instrument) for me, and I headed out. It was a little tough getting out of South Bend, since we had been hit with an ice storm on Friday. When A. and I were walking to our last final, we were getting hit with ice pellets and there was thunder and lightening overhead. Bleh.

I drove to my uncle Mark's, where I hung out for a day or so, hanging out with the cousins and beating them at board games, sledding behind the tractor, and going to a winter solstace party, where there was beer and fire. Lots of fire.

In the morning, I got up and threw a few pots with Mark and Mason, and then had to hit the road. Roads were icy for most of the drive, but I managed. Today, it's trying to stay warm, since it's -20 out, and running a few errands.


I've started playing team fortress 2. It's fantastic

Photo is artwork by Luke Chu; buy his stuff.


I've managed to study fed tax until I'm absolutely sick of it, which I guess is a good thing. Exam tomorrow, then Environmental law on monday, and white collar crime on friday. Dad bought an airplane. I get to throw pots in a week or so. It's snowing. And I guess that's most of my news.


A couple of good things actually happened today. Fetish, the company that built up the crankset that blew itself apart, told me to send it in and they would send me a replacement. I mentioned that it was my commuter, and the guy on the other end, Ryan, said that he'd make sure that it would get out to me fast. Stand-up guys.

Also, I crushed the MPRE (multi-state professional responsibility exam, the ethics part of the bar). 135, when a passing score was 85. Woot.
I've been fiddling with Pretty Bike for the past couple of days; still waiting to hear back from the company that manufactured the defective crank, which uses an ISIS spindle, which is annoying. I'll either get them to replace the spindle, or screw in a new bottom bracket and buy a cheap-ish crankset that isn't made out of something that splinters. Blarg.

I've fallen pretty hard for podcasts lately, since I have a longer commute now, and do more walking and such. This American Life, The Moth, and Radio Lab are all fantastic, and I'm breaking into more. I also picked up a few different audio books for the long drive back to MN, and the eventual flight to Atlanta.

The members of my favorite website did a secret santa exchange that I participated in. Haven't received my gift yet, but some lucky person is getting this.

The semester is ramping up to finals pretty hard at this point; my first is on Saturday. The biggest time-suck has been depo skills, which includes a fantastic amount of work that doesn't really amount to anything worthwhile. I like to think that I work more efficently than most, which is sort of at odds with how a lot of the depo skills assingments are setup. We'll see how that goes for me. The rest of the classes should be fine.

I feel like I'm slowly coming out of the funk that I've been in for a while; it's been a pretty tough semester on the whole, though that hasn't really had anything to do with school. Next semster should be better; I only really have one "standard" law school class, Business Associations, which is required. Besides that, I'll be getting credit for my work with the mock trial team, working at the legal aid clinic, and my journal. It should leave a little time for kayaking.


So, I've been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, especially since my new commute is about 3x as long as my old one. I was listening to Radio Lab the other day and I heard some fantastic, fantastic music by Zoe Keating, a Canadian cellist. She uses a laptop and foot pedals to layer her own notes on top of her own notes, to great effect.
I have apparently not yet made my peace with the petty and vengeful spirit that seems to hate me. The photo is of my carbon fiber crankset on my shiny bike; the one I now have to ride in the snow since my snow/rain bike was stolen. I bought a new lock yesterday, and a new helmet today. When riding home from class today, my pedal felt like it was coming loose. I had one unthread itself once, and I assumed that's what was happening. Nope. See that little bit of silver in the hole? That's what's left of the threads that the pedal screws into. The rest of them are still wrapped around the pedal, apparently after coming unglued from the carbon. Suck. The silver lining was that I got a ride home from a nice man in a pickup truck who saw my pedal fall off. I put a phone call and an email into the company who made the crankset; hopefully they can iron things out.


My bike was stolen off of Annie's porch last night, along with my helmet and U-lock. Another $200 or so worth of stuff. It was locked to itself, but not to anything immobile, since it was my crappy, rusty, heavy bike with an ugly saddle and full fenders. The most annoying part is the lack of helmet and lock; those are going to have to be replaced. The bike's an annoyance as well, though I was going to get rid of it before I head to Denver anyway. SOUTH BEND CAN STOP STEALING THINGS FROM ME ANY TIME NOW.


I'm back in South Bend after a good thanksgiving break, though a terrible drive home (snowing, traffic, blah). A did pretty well when she met the family; lost a little money at cards, which was probably a good investment. I went back to the hometown bar to see if I could run into any old friends from high school, but it turned out that I didn't really want to talk to anybody that I saw there. Ironically, Minnesota was nicer and milder than South Bend; when I got back to the Bend it was cold and snowing. Now it's all ramping up to finals.


Went to a great concert last night; Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, The Gaslight Anthem, and Thrice all played the Congress theatre in Chicago. Gaslight put on a fantastic set, and Alkaline and Rise Against were both really good. Thrice was... eh. I managed to browbeat my friend Zach into going along, since I'm not real crazy about going to shows alone. The Congress theatre is about 100 years old, a really impressive place. It was also nice that the floor was slightly cantered forward, since you could see pretty well even from near the back. Not that I was near the back for very long.

The only bad news came on the way home; I was doing 5 mph over the limit on the way back to South Bend, and was pulled over by a cop who was convinced that I was doing 17 over. It was a little surreal; there was nothing I could do to convince him that it wasn't me that set off his radar. I'll see how much the fine is on Monday; I may end up fighting it. Ug.

Today was a chilly ND game that ended poorly. There was still snow in the stands, and there were plenty of snowballs flying around the student section.

Here are a couple of terrible cell phone photos from the concert.


A very successful dinner at home. Scallops over lentils with bacon, dressed with an apple cider reduction and a mascarpone sauce with chives.


Headed to an amazing, amazing show in Chicago on Friday. Rise Against, The Gaslight Anthem, Alkaline Trio, and Thrice. The first 3 are in my current 5 favorite bands.

And it's snowing in South Bend. A lot.


A good poem.


Lots of lousy news lately. Economy and such. House still hasn't sold. Back still hurts a bit. Sun hasn't shined in SB in a week or so.

On the bright side, it looks like we cured a guy of AIDS. So there's that.
This is awesome.


It's pretty in South Bend, though it sounds like it's going to be crappy pretty soon. Snow in a couple of days. It's already starting to rain. Though we had a great run of weather for a while.

I'm liking the new laptop; the keyboard feels great, it's quick, pretty light, and the battery lasts forever. Tough to complain. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that the cover is all black, and not terribly interesting. I looked at slapping a big sticker or something on it, but decided to go with a stencil. This is a dead mockingbird (think literiature). I hand-cut the stencil, and shot it with Rustoleum plastic paint. Hopefully it stays put. I'm pretty happy with the results so far anyway.
Yesterday I accepted a clerkship in Denver. (Squeeee!). A and I went out for dinner at our favorite restaurant in South Bend, Noma. Collectively, we had crab cakes (good, but not great), a hot-rock cooked asian beef tenderloin (yum), artichoke soup with crab (earthy), and a curried lamb shank (fantastic). The courses were spaced by an amuse brouche of tempura broccoli, chicken, and blue cheese, a pineapple sorbet, and a truffle for dessert. Very, very tasty.


So, we've elected Barack Obama the president of the united states. I'm so proud of my country right now. Go us.


900 posts on the blog now.

I was myself, 4 months ago for halloween, which entailed a bike helmet, my messenger bag, and lots of fake blood and gore. A. was astronaut barbie. It was cute.

Not a lot new going on around here. I'm pretty well moved into the new apartment, and I've got someone looking at the house tomorrow. Still waiting to hear back from judges. World is going to change a fair bit tomorrow. Voted today, fulfilling my civic duty (in a swing state, no less). I've been rebuilding the music collection, and I broke down and bought a replacement iPod.




My tiny, tiny room at the convent. Its saving grace was that it was just down the street from what may be the best cappuccino in the world.
Well, things have been busy. I'm back from Rome, which was a lot of fun. Saw a few too many church ceilings, but also managed to take in a cooking class, and plenty of good food and wine. The travel was a little tough; all of the sitting on the planes roughed up the back a fair bit, but it feels like things are starting to work themselves out. Mom and I stayed at a convent in the middle of Rome; a great location, but it felt like we were at a convent. Giant fire bells would go off at 8am every day. Time for breakfast. And the front door was locked at midnight, so there was this impression that we would turn into pumpkins if we stayed out too late. Our travels were disrupted a bit by a political riot, which was interesting. Oh, and we saw lots of old things.

No word on the job hunt yet. My days back in south bend have been full of trying to get the house cleaned up and trying to get all of my stuff out of the house. Oh, and the whole school thing. It's been a bit hectic. The clerkship interviews in Denver seemed to go well; I should hear back from both of the judges by Thanksgiving. Keep your fingers crossed.


Anybody want to buy a house in South Bend?

The terrorists have won.


Got robbed again. Bad. The back door's hinges were kicked through the frame. Lots and lots of stuff gone. Not a good day.


Still hurt, still job hunting. Headed to Denver next week for a couple of interviews. Feels like fall.


Borked up my back on Tuesday. Went over the falls on a 12 foot wave on lake michigan with my back completely extended over the back of my cockpit. Hurt quite a bit. The rest of the evening was full of a dull pain, touched off with excruciating back spasms. I had planned to just go to the doctor in the morning, but after an hour or so of spasaming on the couch A. took me to the campus health services. Unfortunately, they didn't have a Nurse Practicioner on hand, so nobody could take an x-ray or write a script. Then it was off to the hospital. After 5 hours I had an X-Ray and CT taken. They found no fractures, just a slightly dispalced disk; they weren't sure if that was caused by this accident or from earlier.

They put me on painkillers and a muscle relaxant, both of which have helped. The spasams are pretty much gone, though moving around still hurts a fair bit. I hope to be back in classes tomorrow, but we'll see. I can get around, I'm just pretty gimpy when I do it.


I now understand the sub prime mortgage crisis, thanks to stick figures.
Rolling Stone ran an article last week (one that I'm too lazy to link to) that discussed the problems with Sarah Palin, and made what I thought was an interesting connection between Palin and reality TV. Now that people are so used to seeing themselves on TV (Rosanne, Everybody Loves Raymond, Big Brother), and since the presidency has such a celebrity aspect, now every soccer (or hockey) mom wants to see herself in the whitehouse. I understand the point of view, though I think it's incorrect.

Talking to D last night, he mentioned another article that discussed how "elite," in politics, has been twisted into "elitism." McCain has this anti-intellectual bent, much like Bush II did. But why not elect smart people? Michael Phelps isn't "elitist" for being good at swimming, he's elite. He's the best man for the job because he has the qualities we look for in a swimmer. Why wouldn't we want the person best suited for the presidency? Or, for that matter, the vice-presidency?


Had a good trip out to West Virginia for Gauley Fest this weekend. Did some boating, saw some paddling videos, did some driving, got a speeding ticket, same old same old.

The whole law school is sick; it's a little like kindergarten. I caught a little bit of it, but so far it's just been sniffling and the like.

Watched 1408 with A. and friends last night. Pretty creepy movie, despite the old, old premise (there's no way he can stay in that room OVERNIGHT). Good to get a little shot of adrenaline every now and again though.

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew II is still alive and kicking.


It turns out the Saturday of the ND game wasn't just a rainy day, it was the raniest. The wettest day on record for South Bend. It rained all day today too, which was the only thing that prevented me from heading back up to Lake Michigan to catch 6-10 footers. I caught a little surf when A and I headed up there last week, but it was mainly just mushy 3-4 footers. Oh well. I did a bit of homework, and watched a lot of the Wire and played some video games. Really productive. Made a pork tenderloin tonight, which will be folded into the World's Best Sandwich tomorrow. Jimmy John's french bread, bbq ribs, balsamic and garlic pork tenderloin, a little horseradish, some muenster cheese, and some romaine. Yum.


ND won an actual football game this weekend against Michigan. It was a good game; we capitalized on their mistakes, and handled the (heavy, heavy) rain pretty well. Looks like it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow too. Yay South Bend.

In other news, I landed another clerkship interview. We'll see how that goes. All of the really smart kids (think Good Will Hunting and the Hahvad Bah) are hearing back from the federal bench. Me? Not so much.


Lake michigan. and my inability to rotate photos. Turn your head.


Dr. Bunsen Honeydew II

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew II, in new digs

1st ND home game of 2008, where we limped ahead of the San Diego State. Not an inspiring statrt to the season.


Apparantly beta fish are known for jumping. Hopefully Dr. Bunsen Honeydew the Second is still alive. We're transporting him to a better home tonight.


Face no longer bleedey!

My borked garage door. Fixed now though.


It's rare that I say something great about a corporation, but my laptop was a little borked so I had to get in touch with Dell to get it fixed. I talked with someone online in about 15 seconds, and they sent someone out two days later, who was really helpful and is also going to be replacing a few other bits that were sort of annoying. Good work Dell.


Well, I'm back in South Bend. The homecoming was a little rough; I found out that I didn't get an offer at the Denver firm, and that the summer subletters had somewhat trashed the house. It took a couple of days to get my affairs in order on both fronts. Now I've pretty much settled in, and today is the first day of classes. I've gotten out on the whitewater course a couple of times, the house is cleaned, things that need to be fixed are getting fixed, etc. It's not to say there haven't been some strange goings-on; Annie and I picked up a fish when we were getting back to school stuff, a Beta named Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. He's escaped. We can't even verify him as dead; we can't find a body anywhere. As far as we can tell, he single-handedly staged a successful escape. Now it's time to go shopping for Dr. Bunsen Honeydew The Second.


Well, tomorrow is the end of a long, relaxing, and somewhat boring week. Generally, my evenings have been somewhat filled but my days... not so much. Tomorrow it's packing, and then getting ready for a 3 day hiking trip. Then the Big Long Trek back to South Bend.


I hurt myself on my face. To be fair, it's not all oozy and yellow; the yellow bits are made of stinging, stinging iodine. Went to Bike Prom last night (bike = date) and had a good time, but took a bit of a spill off of my date on the way home. Landed on my face. Not Recommended.


So it's the end of the summer, for me anyway. The last day of work. My epic Teton trip fell through, and I'm left scrounging around for something to do until H. comes into town in a week. We'll be bashing about up in the mountains. Maybe I'll be able to string together another backpacking or boating trip somewhere. It's a little strange though; now I'm left with all of this free time on my hands. Granted, there's plenty to do around here; fly fishing, a bit of boating left, etc. etc., but it's not such a good time with nobody to do it with. I've tried the whole traveling and backpacking alone thing before, and I'm not much of a fan.
Not really much of a last day. Teton trip was canceled, got a clerkship rejection, my evals were a little more negative than I had expected, and my house was robbed. Weak.


My stolen internet is no more, so not much blogging as of late. Did some fly fishing and tubing last weekend, caught a few little fish and almost caught a cold. Last week of work this week. A. is already back in Atlanta. It's a little lonely 'round here now.


Annie and I did dinner at Mizuna last night, and her mom came in last night. It's the beginning of the end of the summer, which is pretty odd. Two weeks to go and then I'm done with the job.

Had one of the best dishes I've ever had at Mizuna. Duck breast with a risotto, confit, figs, and foie gras. Fantastic.


Fancy dress party


Hmm, lots of goings on lately. A quick summary:

The 4th was fun; saw some people and some fireworks and some gallery openings. Got stuck in traffic on the way out of the fireworks.

Hurt myself swimming through some rapids, but am now healed. I do have a pretty quality bruise though.

Went to the boundary waters with work people and Annie. It rained all 3 days. And we were hailed on the first day. Annie did not have a good first day. On the bright side, the second morning was sunny and pretty, and a good breakfast heated everybody up. And we had a good crew. And booze. So it wasn't all bad. Until I broke my fly rod and wouldn't talk to anyone for an hour or so. Then I got over it by reading the Wind in the Willows. So it goes.

Also went to the fancydress work party, which was... fancy. And saw old friends. And my parents. All was well.

Now back in Colorado, shopping for fly rods and chacos and wondering when it'll stop getting up to 90 during the day. Planning adventures for post-work, pre-school.

Bought my first major piece of art.

I think that's most of the hilights for now. Pictures... sometime.


A. and I got out hiking this weekend. We hiked to Gibson Lake, which sits at about 12,000 feet. Some photos:

The hike in ended up being a little longer than we expected. We dropped our packs just below treeline, then finished the hike (though some snow) up to the lake. I caught a brook trout (on a fly line, no less) for dinner. Some weather moved in, and we headed below treeline for dinner. The heavy weather moved around us, and the next morning we hiked back up to the lake (one more trout) before heading back to the car, and then back to town for the essentials (Diet Coke for her and ice cream for me).


So, my house was apparently robbed today. My renters left the door open while both of them were out of the house. I think this is one that I'll chock up to momentary stupidity, rather than the house or the neighborhood or anything else. Laptop and a PS3 walked away; everything else was apparently untouched.

Let's see, in other news, A. and I went out to Crested Butte over the weekend to kayak. It was a fun weekend, even for the non-paddling A, I think.

Last night we co-hosted a dinner party for the summers as a send-off for those who are leaving soon, splitting their summers between two firms. The menu was pretty posh:
Roasted olives with almonds, thyme, and orange
Homemade Tapenade
Chilled pea soup shooters with spicy crab
Bacon-wrapped, almond-stuffed dates
Grape truffles (white grapes, blue cheese, macadamia nuts)
White chocolate mousse with blackberries

The shooters and the dates kicked a lot of ass, as did the mousse (which was really easy). Everything actually went over pretty well, and I think everybody had fun.

Our softball team still sucks. 0-2, and we were blown out the last game. We don't have anyone who can throw strikes, which hurts you in slow-pitch softball, since the big hitters can still tee off on us and the weak hitters can just get walked. At least there's beer.

Saw a fox the other day. And a porcupine.


I was reading next to a giant cow statute today. Leif Enger released a new book, So Brave, Young, and Handsome. It's fantastic.

A good week, though a sub-par weekend. The plan was to go paddling for the duration, but I flipped, had my paddle knocked out of my hands by a rock, swam, and lost my paddle within about the first 5 minutes. I spent a couple hours looking for it, then drove out of the canyon to buy a new one. Then I hung around Ft. Collins, reading and drinking Gin and Tonics and wandering through a used car show, waiting for Chris to get done climbing. Even heard Lifehouse play a concert, which was... random. Chris was held hostage and forced to go to dinner with his buddies, about an hour away, and I got tired of killing time so I drove back to Denver.

Made a half-hearted attempt to get a paddling trip together yesterday, then ended up reading, biking around town, and hanging out with some people. Watched Kung Fu Panda. A. was in New Mexico, so I was bach'ing it for the weekend.

Last week the firm had a shindig in the Botanical gardens, where I got to get gussied up in my seersucker suit, wander around the gardens with A., and schmooze with the higher-ups. Good times.

We also played in a softball game last Tuesday, poorly, though we weren't quite mercy-ruled. And I lost a pair of sunglasses at an OK mexican restaurant. And A. and I had pretty decent Chinese takeout while watching Buloxi Blues, which, as it turns out, is funny. I had forgotten.

Tattoo inspiration:

This sort of line-drawing style


Another good week. A and I went to Potoger, a restaurant nearby that specializes in fresh, local ingredients. We had a fun dinner, with sugar snap peas with a mint cream freche, a chilled asparagus soup, goat cheese ravioli with nettle sauce, and a smoked cod in a soy broth with mushrooms and pea greens. Tasty tasty.

We also caught jazz in the park, bringing a picnic complete with sushi. A. has been riding with the Belle Jars, a weekly women's bike ride. We're going to try and get out to a pub quiz this week. And softball. And a garden party. And so on and so forth. Work is good, and busy, just like the rest of life.


Things have been going well; got out paddling last weekend and had a shopping day with A. We went to a show at the Fillmore last night and saw Phantom Planet, the Hush Sound, Motion City Soundtrack, and Panic At the Disco. It was a good show, though it was about 1000 degrees in the venue. We also headed over to Le Central, a little french place nearby that is fantastic. We both ordered appetizers and then split an order of Mussles Saffron with fries, and both got a flight of white wine. The whole thing was under $35. Fantastic. Last week we went to Pint's Pub for some pub grub and cask conditioned ale, also within walking distance. I love living in real city.


I managed to blow A. and my reservations at Solera on Friday after taking time to chase after a fellow paddler's gear at the end of an after-work Clear Creek run. A. was patient and I eventually made it, and we had a tasty dinner. Then came a weekend of boating, but in between runs A. and I caught Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (it was eh... the slight mix with sci-fi didn't go over all that well in my opinion), hang out in Eldorado State Park, and grab dinner in Boulder. Tonight: Scrabble.


Things have been going pretty well in Denver; both A. and I are settled in and have started work. Our jobs are a lot different, but tings are working out so far. The apartment is nice, and though it gets a little stuffy during the day I can get home, flip on the a/c, and then head outside to field emails (or post to the blog, as the case may be).

I managed to get in my first after-work paddling run yesterday. Fun stuff. Tonight will be largely devoted to getting a library card and seeing about getting an oil change. This weekend, more paddling.


So, I've made it to Colorado. After sorting out things in South Bend, A and I drove up to MN to visit the family. On Saturday we headed up to the cabin, where we still had about 15 feet of snow pushed up in front of our cabin.

After putting together a mothers-day dinner, we decided to go sailing on Sunday. Since the passenger areas of my sailboat aren't very dry, we put A in my new drysuit, and I wore my drytop. Unfortunately for A, we only had one fleece hat.

It was a fun trip though, and we had good winds. We stayed at the lake through Monday, and my dad and I managed to get out fishing once. Then A's brother flew into MN and the two of them drove out to Sheridan, WY. I had dinner with the grandparents, went shopping with mom, and then crashed on a friend's house in MSP. On Tuesday, I was on the road by 7 for my 13 hour drive. The drive was actually a lot smoother than I had expected; I listened to Obama's Audacity of Hope, which was pleasantly long and ate up a lot of time. Interesting book too. I crashed on a friend's couch, and then spent the next day bumming around Denver on my bike, running errands. On Thursday I got a whitewater run in, and then had dinner with A and her brother at the Columbine Lounge, where you ordered a steak from the chef at the front counter, paid for your meal, and within a few minutes a sizzling piece of meat shows up at your table. Great place.

Though we had originally planned to take in some culture, Friday was spent at the Coors Brewery, which had a pretty interesting tour. We grabbed lunch, and then I moved in to my new apartment. It's cozy, and not too claustrophobic for a studio apartment. To boot, it's less than a mile from work, and a >10 minute bike ride.

Shiney things at the brewery:

I was able to get a beautiful kayak run in up by Vail on Saturday, and today A and I are running errands and trying to get our bearings. Work starts tomorrow.


Sure, I was procrastinating, but at least I was doing so productively. My well-loved messenger bag, complete with Denver skyline. I'll be working in the curly-topped building in the middle.

Also, I didn't get to vote, since I'm apparently not registered like I thought I was. Got registered for the general election though. Merf. Go Obama.
I just finished watching King Corn, which is a pretty fantastic documentary about the corn industry. The way things are now, it's impossible for a farmer to make money without subsidies. The subsidies reward an over-production of cheap corn, which then is turned into corn syrup, largely, or fed to cows in feedlots. Essentially, the government subsidizes happy meals.

What about health care? eh?

Also, we're in the middle of finals week. The first one went pretty well, and I'm feeling good about the second one.

I'm voting today.

A. and I went to the Carriage House the other night for a bit of fine dining. We had a pretty early reservation, and when we couldn't decide on which wine to order, our server set up a mini wine-tasting for us. It was a lot of fun.

I start work in 2 weeks.


The best thing to ever see on a UPS box

Dear Dave,

You're a gentleman and a scholar. Your generosity and extreme good looks are only exceeded by your uncanny ability to distinguish between fast women and good horses.



I was in Minnesota last weekend for my Grandmother's funeral; she passed away 2 weeks after her triplet sister died in Chicago. They were both 92. Sad, but they both had a good run, raised good families, and passed away surrounded by their loved ones. We should all be so lucky.

I took the South Shore Line to Chicago, where I caught the Orange Line out to Midway.

Easy travels to the wake, where the whole family was gathered. Afterwards, we headed to the Muni(cipal Liquor Store) where we took over the bar and drank up all of their Summit Pale Ale. And my uncle Mark and I lost at pool to the Chicago cousins.

The day of the funeral dawned cold and rainy. It was a pretty service, and my cousin Sara and I both gave short remembrances. Then we went to the graveyard, where the service was cut short due to the terrible weather. We were all able to drop a trowel full of soil onto the casket though, which was pretty powerful.

After that, it was more food and more booze, first at the church, then at the Vos house in Holdingford. It was good to hang out with everyone, and I got to chat up some of my cousins who seem to be growing up terribly fast.

The next morning it was off to Hutchinson over lousy roads (since it snowed. Snowed!).

We stopped by the world's largest ball of twine.

After all the family stuff, I eventually headed to Minneapolis to have drinks with Tom and friends, since it was his golden birthday. I crashed at his place, where I got to sleep with Cash, this little fellow:

He's a good cuddler. Then Tom dumped me off at the airport, where it was time to get some work done and head back to South Bend.


I learned today that a sore throat can be caused by sore throat muscles. Also, I can fit a laptop, 4 ears of corn, a jacket, and a case of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in my trusty messenger bag.

Had a good weekend of paddling; the full report is up on the paddling blog (bottom right).

My grandmother passed away this weekend, 2 weeks after her triplet sister died. It's sad, but she had a good run, and died in the company of family. I'm headed back to MN for the wake and funeral this weekend.


I made windchimes yesterday. They're windchimey.


A and I checked out a new breakfast place, the uptown kitchen (which wasn't where Google said it was) and had some tasty food (I had a goat cheese, basil, and mushroom omelette). Then last night we went to Legend's to see Kimya Dawson (now of Juno soundtrack fame). The first opener was Good Luck, and they were pretty fantastic. Then there were two more openers, a one-man french band and another french band which played a number of covers, from Polish drinking songs to Japanese rock. It was... odd.

The One-Man Band. He had foot pedals on a bass drum and a hi-low hat/tambourine/jingle bell setup.

Finally, Kimya took the stage, and had to mess about with a number of different guitars before she could find one that was in tune. The whole audience ended up sitting ("I'm not going to start rocking out all of a sudden," she told us). She was a lot of fun, sort of bubbly, but with an edge. She talked a bit about how her shows have changed after the Juno soundtrack came out, since she used to just go on the road and play songs with her friends, and now all of these people show up and she may not be what people expected (the tattoo sleeves may have something to do with that). It was a really fun show; she even played some of her children's songs for us. She was a delight.


The Seated Audience