High of 45 today, low of 8 tonight. Faaaaaantastic.

I went on a cleaning rampage yesterday. And watched the Muppet Movie.


So, in a few months I'll be working at a big firm, and if all goes well, I'll probably be working there after graduation. I'll hopefully take a step back after a few years and re-evaluate where I am and where I want to go, and if I want to stick with the big firm life or go try and find work in an AG's office or with the AUSAs. Hopefully I won't be locked into blinders at that point, and hopefully my friends and family will keep me to my promise of a re-assessment. I've started to realize that it's nearly impossible to plan more than a year or so ahead at this point; so we'll see what the future brings.


The New Build:

Went for a 15 mile ride today and got soaked with road slop. On the bright side, the new bike performed like a champ.

Also, found a great sushi bar in South Bend. Who would have thunk it.


So much awesome.


Man, it's been a while since I've posted. Let's see... major goings on...

I'm a week into classes. They've re-jiggered the schedule quite a bit, and I have no two days of the week that have the same schedule. On the bright side, the balance of my classes are in the morning, and I don't have anything on Fridays. Classes are Constitutional Law II (14th Amendment), 1st Amendment and Freedom of Religion, International Human Rights Practice, Constitutional Criminal Procedure, and my journal, for a total of 14 credits. Looks like it should be a good semester, especially with all of the bleeding-heart-liberal classes.

I finished my latest bike project, a fixed gear Raleigh Grand Prix. Pictures to come.

I'm helping coach a local high school mock trial team. It's pretty fun, and makes me a little nostalgic for high school.

I'm finally getting around to selling the old engagement ring, and the money is earmarked for a geared road bike. I've been checking ebay obsessively.

I picked up some freelance writing projects through craigslist, which are going pretty well.

I now own a seersucker suit.

The house withstood break and didn't fall over, though the wind seems hell-bent on ripping off our screen door.

The baja trip is quickly approaching.

Annie and I had our one year anniversary last weekend.


Well, I'm off in Sunny Arizona for a week or so. The holidays went well; we had the usual riot with the family, and then Annie came to MN for New Year's. We managed to give her the important MN experiences, like eating at the World Famous Hi Way Cafe where I waited tables during high school, meeting some of the H.S. and college friends, riding snowmobiles, shooting guns, getting an inquisition by my parents' friends. I think she enjoyed the trip.

Now I'm in AZ with my folks visiting my grandparents. It's warm, but not quite hot. Usually my parents and I go on a road trip when we're out here, but since we've been coming down about once a year for 20+ years, we're running out of places to road trip to. As usual, my dad and I are sleeping outside on the sun porch, though I remembered to bring my earplugs this time. He's a noisy sleeper.

I watched Michael Moore's "Sicko" last night. It was good, and a little less Michael Moore-ey than some of his other films. It got me thinking a lot about nationalized health care, and I think it makes a lot of sense.

Anyway, I guess that's about it for now. I'm off to read a book in the sun.