Man, it's been a while since I've posted. Let's see... major goings on...

I'm a week into classes. They've re-jiggered the schedule quite a bit, and I have no two days of the week that have the same schedule. On the bright side, the balance of my classes are in the morning, and I don't have anything on Fridays. Classes are Constitutional Law II (14th Amendment), 1st Amendment and Freedom of Religion, International Human Rights Practice, Constitutional Criminal Procedure, and my journal, for a total of 14 credits. Looks like it should be a good semester, especially with all of the bleeding-heart-liberal classes.

I finished my latest bike project, a fixed gear Raleigh Grand Prix. Pictures to come.

I'm helping coach a local high school mock trial team. It's pretty fun, and makes me a little nostalgic for high school.

I'm finally getting around to selling the old engagement ring, and the money is earmarked for a geared road bike. I've been checking ebay obsessively.

I picked up some freelance writing projects through craigslist, which are going pretty well.

I now own a seersucker suit.

The house withstood break and didn't fall over, though the wind seems hell-bent on ripping off our screen door.

The baja trip is quickly approaching.

Annie and I had our one year anniversary last weekend.