Had a pretty humdrum week, though I did find a cheap wine that I like. We had Barrister's Ball (aka "Law School Prom") on Friday. It was a pretty nice event; chatted with some people I hadn't talked to for a while, screwed around with my new phone a bit, etc.

Last night A. and I were going to go see Kelly and Darryl from the office; they both write for the show and do their own standup. Tickets were free, which was great, but we showed up 5 minutes too late to get seats, which was not great. So we went home and watched Resident Evil: Extinction instead. And drank wine.

Oh, we also made our own pasta last night. It worked out pretty well, though since we didn't have a pasta machine to roll out the noodles, they ended up pretty thick. That was fine for the dish we were making; kind of a rustic mushroom sauce with goat cheese, but I don't think it would go over too well with spaghetti or something. I may have to break down and get a pasta machine.