The best thing to ever see on a UPS box

Dear Dave,

You're a gentleman and a scholar. Your generosity and extreme good looks are only exceeded by your uncanny ability to distinguish between fast women and good horses.



I was in Minnesota last weekend for my Grandmother's funeral; she passed away 2 weeks after her triplet sister died in Chicago. They were both 92. Sad, but they both had a good run, raised good families, and passed away surrounded by their loved ones. We should all be so lucky.

I took the South Shore Line to Chicago, where I caught the Orange Line out to Midway.

Easy travels to the wake, where the whole family was gathered. Afterwards, we headed to the Muni(cipal Liquor Store) where we took over the bar and drank up all of their Summit Pale Ale. And my uncle Mark and I lost at pool to the Chicago cousins.

The day of the funeral dawned cold and rainy. It was a pretty service, and my cousin Sara and I both gave short remembrances. Then we went to the graveyard, where the service was cut short due to the terrible weather. We were all able to drop a trowel full of soil onto the casket though, which was pretty powerful.

After that, it was more food and more booze, first at the church, then at the Vos house in Holdingford. It was good to hang out with everyone, and I got to chat up some of my cousins who seem to be growing up terribly fast.

The next morning it was off to Hutchinson over lousy roads (since it snowed. Snowed!).

We stopped by the world's largest ball of twine.

After all the family stuff, I eventually headed to Minneapolis to have drinks with Tom and friends, since it was his golden birthday. I crashed at his place, where I got to sleep with Cash, this little fellow:

He's a good cuddler. Then Tom dumped me off at the airport, where it was time to get some work done and head back to South Bend.


I learned today that a sore throat can be caused by sore throat muscles. Also, I can fit a laptop, 4 ears of corn, a jacket, and a case of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in my trusty messenger bag.

Had a good weekend of paddling; the full report is up on the paddling blog (bottom right).

My grandmother passed away this weekend, 2 weeks after her triplet sister died. It's sad, but she had a good run, and died in the company of family. I'm headed back to MN for the wake and funeral this weekend.


I made windchimes yesterday. They're windchimey.


A and I checked out a new breakfast place, the uptown kitchen (which wasn't where Google said it was) and had some tasty food (I had a goat cheese, basil, and mushroom omelette). Then last night we went to Legend's to see Kimya Dawson (now of Juno soundtrack fame). The first opener was Good Luck, and they were pretty fantastic. Then there were two more openers, a one-man french band and another french band which played a number of covers, from Polish drinking songs to Japanese rock. It was... odd.

The One-Man Band. He had foot pedals on a bass drum and a hi-low hat/tambourine/jingle bell setup.

Finally, Kimya took the stage, and had to mess about with a number of different guitars before she could find one that was in tune. The whole audience ended up sitting ("I'm not going to start rocking out all of a sudden," she told us). She was a lot of fun, sort of bubbly, but with an edge. She talked a bit about how her shows have changed after the Juno soundtrack came out, since she used to just go on the road and play songs with her friends, and now all of these people show up and she may not be what people expected (the tattoo sleeves may have something to do with that). It was a really fun show; she even played some of her children's songs for us. She was a delight.


The Seated Audience


One of my buddies had a woman buy him a drink at a bar last night. First time I've seen that actually happen, aside from my buddies sending each other Strawberry Daquris across a bar. We were planning on listing to bluegrass at Fiddler's, but we ended up listening to live jazz, drinking wine, and watching NASCAR at Trio's. Funny how things work out.

A and I watched Charlie Wilson's War today; it was the second time I've seen it now, and it's still fantastic. I hope Sorkin writes more movie screenplays.


A and I spruced up the house a little bit the other night before our bocce ball game; I raked out all of the dead leaves and mulched them, and then we planted sage, rosemary, and chives along the front of the house and front fence. We also scattered some wildflower seeds in the vacant lot next door; hopefully some of them will take.

I still sound a bit like a TB victim, but I may be on the mend.


Had a busy, interesting weekend. Things kicked off on Wednesday when I headed into Chicago for the wake and funeral of my great aunt. She was one of a set of triplets born on Christmas morning, in 1915 or so. It was sad that she passed, but she raised a good family and died in the company of her family; she had a good run. It was good to see all of the relatives, though I had to get a refresher on the relationship between first cousins, second cousins, and second-cousin-once-removed-es. Most of that branch of the family is made up of cops, nurses, and firefighters, so we caught a few interesting stories.

Thursday was the funeral, headed by my uncle, the Benedictine monk. The service was fantastic, though the internment was kind of strange. We had the whole procession-to-the-graveyard thing, but then the casket was left in what looked like an annex to the mausoleum, without the whole put-the-casket-in-the-ground business. It lacked a bit of closure.

After the funeral I headed back to South Bend, where I met up with the boys for a paddling trip to West Virginia. The whole story is HERE, the short version is that it was a good weekend, but we had a really sketchy rescue.


I managed to get sick again. Not sure how I pulled that off. Bit of a sore throat, but it seems to be fading. Hopefully it'll go away.

My great aunt passed away the other day; I'm probably headed to Chicago for the wake and funeral tomorrow evening. It's kind of sad, but she had a good run, and died in the presence of family, so it's not all bad.

Also, it's raining... again.