A and I checked out a new breakfast place, the uptown kitchen (which wasn't where Google said it was) and had some tasty food (I had a goat cheese, basil, and mushroom omelette). Then last night we went to Legend's to see Kimya Dawson (now of Juno soundtrack fame). The first opener was Good Luck, and they were pretty fantastic. Then there were two more openers, a one-man french band and another french band which played a number of covers, from Polish drinking songs to Japanese rock. It was... odd.

The One-Man Band. He had foot pedals on a bass drum and a hi-low hat/tambourine/jingle bell setup.

Finally, Kimya took the stage, and had to mess about with a number of different guitars before she could find one that was in tune. The whole audience ended up sitting ("I'm not going to start rocking out all of a sudden," she told us). She was a lot of fun, sort of bubbly, but with an edge. She talked a bit about how her shows have changed after the Juno soundtrack came out, since she used to just go on the road and play songs with her friends, and now all of these people show up and she may not be what people expected (the tattoo sleeves may have something to do with that). It was a really fun show; she even played some of her children's songs for us. She was a delight.


The Seated Audience