Had a busy, interesting weekend. Things kicked off on Wednesday when I headed into Chicago for the wake and funeral of my great aunt. She was one of a set of triplets born on Christmas morning, in 1915 or so. It was sad that she passed, but she raised a good family and died in the company of her family; she had a good run. It was good to see all of the relatives, though I had to get a refresher on the relationship between first cousins, second cousins, and second-cousin-once-removed-es. Most of that branch of the family is made up of cops, nurses, and firefighters, so we caught a few interesting stories.

Thursday was the funeral, headed by my uncle, the Benedictine monk. The service was fantastic, though the internment was kind of strange. We had the whole procession-to-the-graveyard thing, but then the casket was left in what looked like an annex to the mausoleum, without the whole put-the-casket-in-the-ground business. It lacked a bit of closure.

After the funeral I headed back to South Bend, where I met up with the boys for a paddling trip to West Virginia. The whole story is HERE, the short version is that it was a good weekend, but we had a really sketchy rescue.