I was in Minnesota last weekend for my Grandmother's funeral; she passed away 2 weeks after her triplet sister died in Chicago. They were both 92. Sad, but they both had a good run, raised good families, and passed away surrounded by their loved ones. We should all be so lucky.

I took the South Shore Line to Chicago, where I caught the Orange Line out to Midway.

Easy travels to the wake, where the whole family was gathered. Afterwards, we headed to the Muni(cipal Liquor Store) where we took over the bar and drank up all of their Summit Pale Ale. And my uncle Mark and I lost at pool to the Chicago cousins.

The day of the funeral dawned cold and rainy. It was a pretty service, and my cousin Sara and I both gave short remembrances. Then we went to the graveyard, where the service was cut short due to the terrible weather. We were all able to drop a trowel full of soil onto the casket though, which was pretty powerful.

After that, it was more food and more booze, first at the church, then at the Vos house in Holdingford. It was good to hang out with everyone, and I got to chat up some of my cousins who seem to be growing up terribly fast.

The next morning it was off to Hutchinson over lousy roads (since it snowed. Snowed!).

We stopped by the world's largest ball of twine.

After all the family stuff, I eventually headed to Minneapolis to have drinks with Tom and friends, since it was his golden birthday. I crashed at his place, where I got to sleep with Cash, this little fellow:

He's a good cuddler. Then Tom dumped me off at the airport, where it was time to get some work done and head back to South Bend.