I was reading next to a giant cow statute today. Leif Enger released a new book, So Brave, Young, and Handsome. It's fantastic.

A good week, though a sub-par weekend. The plan was to go paddling for the duration, but I flipped, had my paddle knocked out of my hands by a rock, swam, and lost my paddle within about the first 5 minutes. I spent a couple hours looking for it, then drove out of the canyon to buy a new one. Then I hung around Ft. Collins, reading and drinking Gin and Tonics and wandering through a used car show, waiting for Chris to get done climbing. Even heard Lifehouse play a concert, which was... random. Chris was held hostage and forced to go to dinner with his buddies, about an hour away, and I got tired of killing time so I drove back to Denver.

Made a half-hearted attempt to get a paddling trip together yesterday, then ended up reading, biking around town, and hanging out with some people. Watched Kung Fu Panda. A. was in New Mexico, so I was bach'ing it for the weekend.

Last week the firm had a shindig in the Botanical gardens, where I got to get gussied up in my seersucker suit, wander around the gardens with A., and schmooze with the higher-ups. Good times.

We also played in a softball game last Tuesday, poorly, though we weren't quite mercy-ruled. And I lost a pair of sunglasses at an OK mexican restaurant. And A. and I had pretty decent Chinese takeout while watching Buloxi Blues, which, as it turns out, is funny. I had forgotten.

Tattoo inspiration:

This sort of line-drawing style