So, my house was apparently robbed today. My renters left the door open while both of them were out of the house. I think this is one that I'll chock up to momentary stupidity, rather than the house or the neighborhood or anything else. Laptop and a PS3 walked away; everything else was apparently untouched.

Let's see, in other news, A. and I went out to Crested Butte over the weekend to kayak. It was a fun weekend, even for the non-paddling A, I think.

Last night we co-hosted a dinner party for the summers as a send-off for those who are leaving soon, splitting their summers between two firms. The menu was pretty posh:
Roasted olives with almonds, thyme, and orange
Homemade Tapenade
Chilled pea soup shooters with spicy crab
Bacon-wrapped, almond-stuffed dates
Grape truffles (white grapes, blue cheese, macadamia nuts)
White chocolate mousse with blackberries

The shooters and the dates kicked a lot of ass, as did the mousse (which was really easy). Everything actually went over pretty well, and I think everybody had fun.

Our softball team still sucks. 0-2, and we were blown out the last game. We don't have anyone who can throw strikes, which hurts you in slow-pitch softball, since the big hitters can still tee off on us and the weak hitters can just get walked. At least there's beer.

Saw a fox the other day. And a porcupine.