Well, I'm back in South Bend. The homecoming was a little rough; I found out that I didn't get an offer at the Denver firm, and that the summer subletters had somewhat trashed the house. It took a couple of days to get my affairs in order on both fronts. Now I've pretty much settled in, and today is the first day of classes. I've gotten out on the whitewater course a couple of times, the house is cleaned, things that need to be fixed are getting fixed, etc. It's not to say there haven't been some strange goings-on; Annie and I picked up a fish when we were getting back to school stuff, a Beta named Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. He's escaped. We can't even verify him as dead; we can't find a body anywhere. As far as we can tell, he single-handedly staged a successful escape. Now it's time to go shopping for Dr. Bunsen Honeydew The Second.


Well, tomorrow is the end of a long, relaxing, and somewhat boring week. Generally, my evenings have been somewhat filled but my days... not so much. Tomorrow it's packing, and then getting ready for a 3 day hiking trip. Then the Big Long Trek back to South Bend.


I hurt myself on my face. To be fair, it's not all oozy and yellow; the yellow bits are made of stinging, stinging iodine. Went to Bike Prom last night (bike = date) and had a good time, but took a bit of a spill off of my date on the way home. Landed on my face. Not Recommended.


So it's the end of the summer, for me anyway. The last day of work. My epic Teton trip fell through, and I'm left scrounging around for something to do until H. comes into town in a week. We'll be bashing about up in the mountains. Maybe I'll be able to string together another backpacking or boating trip somewhere. It's a little strange though; now I'm left with all of this free time on my hands. Granted, there's plenty to do around here; fly fishing, a bit of boating left, etc. etc., but it's not such a good time with nobody to do it with. I've tried the whole traveling and backpacking alone thing before, and I'm not much of a fan.
Not really much of a last day. Teton trip was canceled, got a clerkship rejection, my evals were a little more negative than I had expected, and my house was robbed. Weak.


My stolen internet is no more, so not much blogging as of late. Did some fly fishing and tubing last weekend, caught a few little fish and almost caught a cold. Last week of work this week. A. is already back in Atlanta. It's a little lonely 'round here now.